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Easter 2013

Yay! The long awaited Easter Holiday has finally arrived! That means a 4 day long weekend for us here! Today I awoke with a quiet resolution to have a beautiful day. We (the kids and I) have been sick and been at home for so long that I feel quite sad…(I have been feeling unwell with first trimester baby blues for 2 months with nausea, exhaustion and chill, topped with feverish, vomiting, very lethargic and coughy kids)…

But today, time with God has reminded me the true meaning of Easter, and there are a couple of little homey things today which made me truly grateful.

1) Doing an Easter Devotion as a Family

(You can see how hard it is with little J wriggling around, getting bored. But even then you can see how sweet C is in sharing the easter story with her brother)

2) Doing goodie bags together for J’s 3rd birthday celebration tomorrow

3) Easter Hunt for the Kids!

4) Having a leisurely lunch at home

5) Catching an afternoon nap as a family

6) Doing cake pops

7) Writing!

8) Cleaning out the home

9) Korean with my in laws

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