The Lense of Gratitude

Psalms 9:1
” I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of your wonderful deeds…”

May I never forget this season of my motherhood…

The season where home is perpetually noisy…

And the newborn constantly feeding, burping and changing…


With the preschooler tirelessly zooming up and down our hallway…


And the blossoming girl streaming with her giggles, songs and questions…


May I never forget the beauty of these little years…
The delight of hearing their choruses of “yes mum”
Or the twinkle in eyes full of excitement with new plays…


And the joy of devouring a book together…
(Despite the challenge of having differing concentration span😊)

I have to admit…
I enjoy both the noisy and the quiet…
A house so clean and orderly…
And a house alive and full in motion.

IMG_0790 IMG_0789

I love being the captain of our ship…
Filling little love tanks and guiding little hands…
Nourishing little stomachs and growing little minds…

IMG_2049 IMG_2023 IMG_4258

I love coming home to my parents being here…
Extra hands and help puts life into better perspectives
Each hands join together
Makes life more potent!

I love waking up to the smell of coffee already brewing…
And the smell of breast milk already leaking…
My arms sore from carrying…
My neck aching from awkward sleeping…
But my heart full and my steps light…
I know the day will only bring me good…


I love my days at home…
And I love being outside in the fresh…
How I love sunny days…
And how I cherish homey days…
I love the sanctuary that our life have become.

In such a place of favour
We are not merely surviving but thriving
With greater plans in mind,
I know a very strong home foundation is being laid

May God alone take our family to heights
To all who call upon His name
He promises to increase peace and establish our steps
All our going outs and our coming ins
He will forever be our guiding light
And He will be gentle with us who have youngs

So I vow to enjoy this season of my life
Nothing will be lacking in my life
Today or forever more
As long as I can maintain this lense of gratitude

I am not slowed down
I am not overwhelmed
I am still
I am growing
I am nourished
I am positioned.

So let me never forget this beautiful season,
With a little body so curled up in my arms,
And her heavy breathing against my chest
Let me breathe thankfulness
And rise with eternity
I will appreciate what has been afforded me
The people that I am with
And The task that is laid out before me
The challenges that await me
These are my lot and my portion
And I am thankful to You, O God

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