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Christmas Journal

It is 9 days to Christmas and I am counting down…

The first Christmas in our own home…
The first Christ infused Christmas…
The first time the sparks of hope shine greater in our hearts than they are outside…


Our home now decorated with lights,

Snowballs and snowflakes,
They sparkle, they shine



Colourful lights draping our tree

Santa on a rocket swaying on our front porch


They make me gasp


Standing in one holy silence
My spirit longing to touch
The mystery of one Divine love

I linger, I long
At the sacredness of all these
Christ in my home
Christ in my heart
Babe born in a manger
To give us a reason to live

As I read these Christmas stories,
Stroke one’s hair,
Calm another’s cries,
And keep still dangling feet of another,
I begin to catch a glimpse
I understand…

As I hold baby and rock her to sleep,
Sing carols and record nativity plays ,
Laugh so loud that tears form
I caught a vision why Christ came…

There is a re-awakening of hearts in this home,
A fresh revelation of what it means to live
A quiet confidence of divine partnership

Thank you God
You have made this life very, very good
You have given meaning beyond what life can give
You have infused exuberance into this life

And with three little ones in my hands
To care, to love, to mould,
I finally see a tapestry of meaning
Intertwined in this present call that I have

Keeping Christ as the centre of our Christmas
And central to our home and to our life
This day and all year round









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