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This Tapestry of Beauty called the Home

A change has taken place I notice

So subtle, yet so profound
From striving out there
To loving the within…

You see, I have never before learned
What joy home making does bring
Now a captive to everything good and orderly here
Through the myriads of things we do
We achieve at home  what we don’t out there

I love preparing meals…
Breakfast, lunches and tea
As hearts gather and conversations are sparked


Devotionals are read and faith is built!

IMG_0127 IMG_0056

Crafts are made and friendships affirmed


Meaning of life captured in ordinary moments,
Etched in our hearts


On the role of home making,
a devotional writer of old commented –

“making home first of all a centre of attraction by its order and cleanliness and comfort; then by its harmonies of peace and love, so that no discordant note may mar the music of its joy; and then by…securing the safety of economy and the honour of a wife who ‘weaves’ all into beauty and order at home”

It has been a journey
Transforming our house to be our home
Daily tending, caring for and loving it
It’s our safe haven now that we long for
Oasis of friendship, giggles and dreams!

As difficult and mundane some days may be
I have grown to love my home
I love the orderliness and organization of it
I love its efficient cleaning
Though I may struggle for space

I love spending time at home
Because I learn to be

I cherish blossoming hearts
Making memories and
Leaving legacy


Thank you Lord
Not again
I look for the glamourous
But those that are deeply glorious

And who could understand that
As simple as homemaking is
This heart of mine
Becomes eternity-driven?

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