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(This post is a short summary from the GKGW materials and Moms Notes presentation by Joey and Carla Link). In our class (Growing Kids God's Way) we talked about how we are to give admonishment when a child needs correction that stems from his childish behaviours, and the 4 tools of correction for behaviours that stem from  foolishness. Childish behaviours in this… Continue reading CORRECTION

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Menu Planning

One of the biggest roles I have assumed the moment I land my eyes on the home is to be a great chef and provider of everything yummy and healthy for the family. Wow, that turns out to be a mammoth-sized project! For one thing, I need to take into account the nutritional requirements of 5 hungry… Continue reading Menu Planning

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Speak, O God

Have you ever wondered what is the one important thing a woman and a mum must do in the myriads of her varying roles and demands of life? I am increasingly convinced that the one ingredient to a day well-lived is having a stillness to tune in to the voice of the Holy Spirit. There are… Continue reading Speak, O God

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From Rejection to Redemption

Ever lived through internal pain? Ever been stigmatised in life? It’s painful, and not many survived through it. It’s probably one of the worst pains that one could experience in life cos it's  deeply ingrained. It’s the kind of pain that doesn’t take a physical manifest. Because it’s on the inside.... and mightily hurtful. There is… Continue reading From Rejection to Redemption

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Obedience Training

We have just completed the lesson on First Time Obedience in our parenting class (Growing Kids God’s Way) and I am so overjoyed to share this one principle that has changed the landscape of our parenting. What is obedience training and why is it necessary? And what really does it mean to train our children… Continue reading Obedience Training

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Today I find myself thanking God for the privilege of staying home with the kids, enjoying precious moments and witnessing all their "firsts" in life. So much is happening in what looks like 'just' an ordinary day... These little minds, these charming smiles, these tiny bodies...they are... growing, evolving... into day... with full personalities, full characteristics and a… Continue reading PLAY


Raising a Moral Child

In this post I aim to summarise some key thoughts on what I have personally learned from the 1st chapter of our Growing Kids God's Way parenting course on "How to Raise a Moral Child". This lesson is jam packed with precious truths but here's just some ways i'm learning to transfer theory into practical application at… Continue reading Raising a Moral Child

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Count Your Stars

How many of you have ever gone star-gazing? Have you ever tried counting the stars in the sky before? Any recorded success? (*Smile*) Some of my best moments in an otherwise unspectacular day would be when I go on evening walks with the kids. Invariably I would turn my gaze upward and look at the… Continue reading Count Your Stars

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Hope Against Hope

Have you been discouraged lately? Have you ever felt stuck in relationships or situations that do not seem to ever change for the better no matter how hard you want to believe it will? Life has a way to throw the curveballs of disappointment and discouragement to keep us from resting our faith in God.… Continue reading Hope Against Hope

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The Canvas of Our Lives

If you are given a chance to rewrite the pages of your life, what would it look like? Genesis 15:5-6 “And He brought him forth abroad and said, “Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them; and he said unto him, “So shall thy seed be.” And he… Continue reading The Canvas of Our Lives

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Mastering the Basics

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the nature of the task has chafed but our ability to do has increased..." (Ralph Waldo Emerson ) How true is the quote above! Sometimes I chuckle thinking about how busy I thought I was when I had just 1 child! Little did I… Continue reading Mastering the Basics

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Chore is not a dirty four letter word! Doing chores as a family helps develop sensitivity and tenderness towards others. Incorporating chores as part of your training reaps much benefit both for you and your child. Doing chores with kids may not always be convenient. Especially when you first begin. It takes longer and you have to… Continue reading CHORES

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Redefining Success, Redefining Me.

This post is a summary from a talk I gave to a lovely group of MOPS mums back in 2011. I hope you enjoy it! MOTHERHOOD CAN BE CONFUSING! The early season of parenting may be one of the most confusing period a woman has to confront as she transitions from being single, independent and… Continue reading Redefining Success, Redefining Me.


Ziplock Character Training Bag

In Growing Kids God's Way we have been learning on the importance of character training in the home. As parents, we have the most important responsibility in teaching the standard of right and wrong and transcribing this moral code into the trainable part of the child's conscience, strengthening and elevating their heart towards biblical virtues. We… Continue reading Ziplock Character Training Bag


Quenching Your Thirst as A Busy Mum

Have Your Thirst Quenched...Today! As a busy mum you may find it hard to carve time to be alone to be with God. You may have very young children that need your constant attention or you may find yourself dividing the little spare time you have left in cooking and cleaning up after them... It is important… Continue reading Quenching Your Thirst as A Busy Mum