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Redefining Success, Redefining Me.

This post is a summary from a talk I gave to a lovely group of MOPS mums back in 2011. I hope you enjoy it! MOTHERHOOD CAN BE CONFUSING! The early season of parenting may be one of the most confusing period a woman has to confront as she transitions from being single, independent and… Continue reading Redefining Success, Redefining Me.


Ziplock Character Training Bag

In Growing Kids God's Way we have been learning on the importance of character training in the home. As parents, we have the most important responsibility in teaching the standard of right and wrong and transcribing this moral code into the trainable part of the child's conscience, strengthening and elevating their heart towards biblical virtues. We… Continue reading Ziplock Character Training Bag


Quenching Your Thirst as A Busy Mum

Have Your Thirst Quenched...Today! As a busy mum you may find it hard to carve time to be alone to be with God. You may have very young children that need your constant attention or you may find yourself dividing the little spare time you have left in cooking and cleaning up after them... It is important… Continue reading Quenching Your Thirst as A Busy Mum