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Mastering the Basics

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier – not that the nature of the task has chafed but our ability to do has increased…” (Ralph Waldo Emerson )

How true is the quote above! Sometimes I chuckle thinking about how busy I thought I was when I had just 1 child! Little did I know that when I had triple the number, my busyness would escalate! But it’s funny because with 3 children, I seem to have more time for everything. My home is cleaner and neater than it has ever been and my culinary skill is growing and expanding. I have somehow tapped into the secret of persisting in doing the same thing until my ability in it has increased…

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I’m a domestic guru, far be it, I am always learning to do things better at home and am always fine tuning my system to be more efficient and effective.

Somehow I think when it comes to having a thriving home life with kids, you’ve just got to master the basics really well…

When I am sloppy in my discipline and slide in following my routine, I actually lose my ground and pay for them handsomely…(imagine exhaustion, melt down, tantrums, lost time…that is not a good formula for a happy mama!)

It makes me think that for a functioning home to occur, I just need to do what I know needs to be done really really well. You see, the secret is not actually found in doing more and newer things, but just getting the basics right and really well.

The basics are simple: getting meals on time, getting kids to bed early, doing family chores, having devotionals at set time, developing room time habits, being prepared for outings, not getting into the habit of rushing and hurrying…sound so simple that I so often don’t pay attention to these basics!

Oh how easy it is to let these “simple” things slide…yet these are the very cornerstone of a functioning family life!

When I was single and childless I could daydream into what greatness my life would spiral to be. When I am married and with children, I just have to get up and shape us and do what is required to be done!

Having a well-lived home life means having the art and science of managing the family one step at a time, one season at a time, one baby at a time…it’s about growing our skills in the home, whatever it is that’s required. And when the basics are conquered that further creative expressions of the home could be paved.

It’s a skill because it’s about thriving in the midst of constant demands, streams and streams of endless giving… It’s about having the wisdom in the doing of the practicalities of the home life,daily, hourly and moment by moment…without scrambling and without surrendering to defeat.

So the fulcrum for a home that thrives is a woman that learns to hear what it is that God is saying she ought to do…in her season of life…for her unique family’s need…

It is about drawing a life map of where you are and where you believe God is leading you…

To lead our family well we need to be clear minded, self controlled,  visionary and continually inspired…

And it all begins with US 🙂

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