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The Canvas of Our Lives

If you are given a chance to rewrite the pages of your life, what would it look like?

Genesis 15:5-6

“And He brought him forth abroad and said, “Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them; and he said unto him, “So shall thy seed be.”

And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness.”

In life we are often limited in what we envision our lives can accomplish because we fail to “look now towards heaven and count the stars…”. Abraham never in his life thought that he would be a Father of many nations, he was barren and his wife was old. They had too many things going against them in the natural, too much odds stacked against them. But the very day God took him out of his tent, his natural habitation, his eyes opened to what faith in Jehovah could achieve.

“Count the stars…as many as there are stars in the sky, there shall your descendants be”

“Lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou are, northward, southward, eastward and westward,”…for as far as your eyes can see it, you can possess it

“For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever”… it sounds like an invitation to live in the realm of God’s supernatural…it is as if God is saying, “if you can walk it, you can have it…”

 “I AM YOUR SHILED, YOUR EXCEEDINGLY GREAT REWARD…”, God is whispering, “I am your limitless God.”

At the stage of life we are in, God is calling us to step out, lift up our natural eyes into the realm of the Spirit where faith in God will take us higher, farther and deeper than we can ever go.

What is it that is preventing us from believing Him doing the miraculous in our lives? In the supernatural, God is One who sets the rule.

In the dimension of the Holy Spirit, we are not bound by what our natural senses dictate.  We can stake our hopes in Him who has conquered death and given us power to live.


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