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Today I find myself thanking God for the privilege of staying home with the kids, enjoying precious moments and witnessing all their “firsts” in life.

IMG_0088 IMG_0087 IMG_0086 IMG_0084

So much is happening in what looks like ‘just’ an ordinary day…

These little minds, these charming smiles, these tiny bodies…they are… growing, evolving… into Somebodies…one day… with full personalities, full characteristics and a whole life ahead of them…


And I get to witness everything that comes first in their lives! Milestones growth…magical moments… occurring right before my eyes…

Today I sat back and enjoy…and observe in awe and wonder at the great interaction, of seeing the children… at PLAY.

As they play, they work. As they play, they learn. As they play, they grow. Curiosity and imagination took them into captivated attention and held their attraction. They investigated. They probed. They narrated. The world recaptured in their play…As they played, I noticed they grew closer, and swam holding hands in water!

I also watched and saw…how they took risks, worked hard to problem solve and learned their manners as they cooperated…all in the wonder of unstructured play!

IMG_0091 IMG_0089

Today I find myself again sitting back in awe and wonder and finding my heart strangely refreshed and amazed, just seeing my children at Play!



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