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Speak, O God

Have you ever wondered what is the one important thing a woman and a mum must do in the myriads of her varying roles and demands of life?

I am increasingly convinced that the one ingredient to a day well-lived is having a stillness to tune in to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

There are many times that the responsibilities of life with young children; preparing meals, organising the home, teaching the kids, cleaning the closet, systemising life, teaching classes and working hard seem to overtake our ability to discern what’s of utmost importance, but then there are days when world events happen and loved ones are sick that you pause and pray, “Lord, speak to me today. I need to hear Your voice. Use me in ways greater than I can imagine.”

Lately, God has been teaching me more on what it means to live my life praying. As a busy mum, the call to pray, and pray earnestly is one that I am continuing to learn to do better. Being with God and spending time with Him, be it in a 5 minute interval in the morning or having a 50 minutes luxury when the baby is napping can become a continuous stream of conversation where the quantity of time accentuates the quality of love.

When tragedy happens, I’d ask, “Lord, how do I pray? How do I teach my kids to pray?” And God would remind me to be still, and hear.

Intercession is praying the burden the Holy Spirit places on you as initiated by God Himself. He would place a stirring in your heart throughout your day to pray for names, faces, situations, nations…and you must be faithful to take the time to pray.

Our God is not a silent God and the more we pray the more we learn that everything rises and falls on prayer, and how much we need more of His power in our lives, in the age that we live today.

Draw near to God…know that this is your most important job… you are creating legacy and impacting lives by being on your knees. Run to Him and let Him place His burden upon your heart. His desire is to speak to us, to hold us in times when we need comfort, to teach us and to lead us in all the ways of wisdom.

Psalm 25:4-5, “Make me know Thy ways, O Lord; teach me Thy paths. Lead me in Thy truth and teach me, for Thou art the God of my salvation; for Thee I wait all the day”

Is it possible for a busy mum to cave away for hours on end seeking God while her children clamour for her attention, love, nurture? There would be times and seasons for that. But for now, you must learn to live your today in a perpetual mode of prayer. All we need to do is be still… to live with that extra margin where He can speak, and we are available, sensitive and obedient to Him.

When we lay our heads on the pillow tonight…there would have been many activities accomplished, many words spoken, many people met…but I pray that I would lay my head down tonight knowing that I have talked to God, and listened to Him, this is my most important agenda for my busy day today.


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