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The Funnel Part 1

Have you ever heard of the term 'The Funnel' in parenting? From attending Growing Kids God's Way parenting course,  we learn a new concept called "The Funnel".  (Chapter 14-Discipline Issues Part 1) The Funnel has a narrow stem at the bottom and tapers wider towards the top. The Ezzos describes the funnel as..."the narrow stem represents the… Continue reading The Funnel Part 1

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Twilight Mamas

There is a calling upon mothers today to be audacious, to be twilight mamas... Several years ago I found myself despairing at this strange and daunting task of motherhood. Somehow I felt like I didn't have what it takes to be a good mother. Confused about my lost of job identity, always feeling lethargic, i… Continue reading Twilight Mamas

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Motivating Responsibility

Today I witness the beauty of watching responsibility grows in my 4.5 year old son through the power of encouragement and motivation. I learn from our parenting class (Growing Kids God's Way, Chapter 14 - Discipline with Encouragement) that in order to grow our child in the right character and behaviour, we need to begin with providing 'instruction'.… Continue reading Motivating Responsibility

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The Peace for a Mother’s Day

Yesterday I did a bible study on Ephesians 2:19-22 and it struck me to learn how God moved from dwelling in the Tabernacle and the Ark of Covenant in the Old Testament to dwelling in us...and as a believer I am a dwelling temple in which God lives by His Holy Spirit. This is a staggering… Continue reading The Peace for a Mother’s Day


Developing a Family Creed

Over dinner one night, I casually asked my 7.5 year old daughter, what one adjective she would use to describe our family life.  I will not forget how she looked up to me and in all seriousness said… “LOVING”. I mumbled to her, “Really?”, partly amazed at her choice of words, and secretly pleased that she thought… Continue reading Developing a Family Creed

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Cultivating Sibling Unity

There are so many different things I am grateful about regarding our little family, but there is one thing that I feel an inward bliss for. 🙂 I think it’s one of my parental highlights to note how well the kids get along with each other. To watch them play together and enjoy each others' company so much… Continue reading Cultivating Sibling Unity

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(A beautiful song written on the fly by my wonderful husband upon inspiration of this post:) How is your day today? Did you have a great day… a perfect day? Is there such a thing as a perfect day? What does it look like? Would you show me? Is it even possible to have a… Continue reading P.E.R.F.E.C.T.E.D