Devotionals & Walk with God

The Peace for a Mother’s Day

Yesterday I did a bible study on Ephesians 2:19-22 and it struck me to learn how God moved from dwelling in the Tabernacle and the Ark of Covenant in the Old Testament to dwelling in us…and as a believer I am a dwelling temple in which God lives by His Holy Spirit. This is a staggering thought as I realise that this mortal body of mine, with all my warts and all, is a habitation where God dwells…in the words of W. Phillip Keller,

“Christ envisaged His own future kingdom on earth and also the very Spirit of the living God coming into the human heart to make it His holy habitation. He saw a human being as a temple, an abode, a residence of the Most High….”

At this point, I paused and consider –  how do I make our home a comfortable abode for my family, and how do I make my heart a temple for the Holy? The same concept still applies – the home is the place where hearts unite and haven presents…

…”The peace which we enjoy in God’s Kingdom surpasses of any sort of mere outward tranquility. It is that deep, delightful serenity of soul characteristic of God’s presence.”

Now listen to this,

…”It is based upon being at peace with God, at peace with others, and at peace with ourselves”.

How do we have peace as a busy Mum? We must learn to let peace rule in the midst of the messiness…in the midst of things left undone…in the midst of constant interruptions…in the midst of unending demands…that peace that Christ offers can surpass…can overrule…


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