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Twilight Mamas

There is a calling upon mothers today to be audacious, to be twilight mamas…

Several years ago I found myself despairing at this strange and daunting task of motherhood. Somehow I felt like I didn’t have what it takes to be a good mother. Confused about my lost of job identity, always feeling lethargic, i somehow grew bitter for the lost of ‘freedom’ I thought I once had. Feeling quite clueless about this new role in the home, I was miserable, and unfulfilled.

I remember looking out of my kitchen window and seeing the sky darkening and the day turning into night. Puzzled since it was only 4 pm, I stared into the sky trying  to locate the sun that had just arrayed my sky. It was then that I heard a little voice in my heart, saying – “it’s twilight”.

“Twilight” by definition means ‘the soft glowing alight from the sky when the sun is below the horizon’ . It is the period of an overcast, before the beautiful, soft illumination of the sun’s ray reflects from the atmosphere.

God had to pull me aside that day and taught me of the preciousness of the twilight spirit.

Motherhood is similar to that twilight glory – you have to see the silver lining against the overcast – you have to search for the glory in the grime. As I now learn, motherhood may not always look glamorous, but it can be deeply glorious, and completely fulfilling.

There are many women in the Bible whom have helped shattered my stereotype idea of the perfect mum. They taught me the preciousness of pushing beyond our natural glass ceilings, sense of limitations and inadequacies to allow the blessings of God to pour fourth on the next generation.

Twilight Mamas are a generation of mums who parent not for our own glory, or our own convenience but for the glory of the King. We are here to lift up the One name that is more glorious than any other names. When we take the posture of an audacious faith in our family life, we preach a message of liberation, healing, freedom to an entire generation through our daily life.

We need to pray for the Holy Spirit to impregnate us with strength, hope and vision to break down our own inertia for growth, to push back every dark forces and to penetrate every high spiritual wall. May the streams of blessings so overflow onto our children and their children’s children.

What about you? Would you like to approach this season of parenting with faith, courage, creativity, vision and the hope of creating a lasting legacy? I hope you too will join the throng of twilight mamas who lift their home to a new level, as you speak life and deposit truth into the precious hearts of your husband and children.

It’s twilight: when you push through the grit and the grime and pursue the glory. On our shoulders rest the responsibility of raising a generation that will fulfill the call of God in their lifetime.

And we must be that audacious, twilight mamas. Not discouraged by our dilemmas but keeping on persisting to come to Jesus for the restoration of hope, the healing of our broken relationships, the forgiveness that we ourselves cannot give and the healing of our injured hearts.


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