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It’s All in Atmosphere…

Mums everywhere! Have you ever thought about the one important job you do daily in the home? It’s in creating atmospheres…Women make or break atmospheres, and “women are essential to create that family atmosphere where truth can be heard, (and) absorbed…” (The True Woman, Hunt.S, pg 127


It is the atmosphere that defines the home. And how is atmosphere created? Through our WORDS.

Atmosphere isn’t seen, yet is felt. It is in the atmosphere that love or hate is portrayed, encouragement or condemnation is offered, and praise or disapproval becomes conveyed.

Think about how we wake our family up in the morning 🙂  Do we sing into their ears, whisper encouragement and breathe love as they open their sleepy eyes? Or do we (like me, at times) act like a crazy headless woman trying to get the kids all ready within a mere 4 minutes?  Do we start our day on the victory note of praise no matter what we feel?

I have lately been learning about the power of speaking God’s blessings over our children. It is powerful as it creates an atmosphere of freedom and pushes back discouragement and defeat.

Before our children go to school, or when they come running back home, or as I tuck them into bed, I will whisper His words into their souls, cup my hand over their faces and land my lips on their cheeks. “The Lord shines His face on your beautiful face…”, I will say, no matter whether they have been beautifully behaved that day or not.

I have seen their little faces lit, their fears erased and the peace of God settling upon their hearts as they hear His word spoken over their lives 😊.

Words are important. The effectiveness of our parenting is in fact carried by the medium termed words. How do we speak to our children? And how do we allow them to speak to us?

Do we elevate them to be on par with our positions as mums and dads in authority? Do we diminish our role as loving governors of their souls by giving them inappropriate freedom ?  Do we find ourselves screaming, shouting, yelling,  belittling or berating our children from time to time in our frustrations? Words are important. They go within and sculpt and shape, or they go deep down and tear and scar.

What about the speech we allow coming from our children’s lips? Do we find ourselves irritated at times because of the way our children speak to us? It may not be what our child is saying, but it may be in the tone…

I have a long way to learn in this area of creating atmospheres. But with just a little change of tone and an infusion of love and warmth we can heal our family’s bruised and battered hearts and encourage and add learning to the simple of mind and heart.


The Ezzos teach  that everything we say and we allow our children to say represent the verbal actions that define the boundaries of a child’s perception of self, …self reliance and self governance. How insightful, and how profound!

Now a child who is characterised by inappropriate verbal freedoms would be characterised by whining, arguing, complaining, negotiating, trying to always have the last word…our task as parents is to train our precious ones not to talk to us in a tone that is disrespectful. Neither should we allow our children the freedom to argue, debate, negotiate or whine when they do not get their way…Instead, start by training our children to ask for our permission with a simple “May I”,  when they need your guidance and a spirit of humility.

Children who assume the freedom they do not have…grow to believe in their own independent wisdom and stray away from a heart submitted to their parents’ authority. But a child who learns to trust in his parents’ wisdom rests content in their parents’ leadership and does not grow “wise in his own eyes” which the Bible calls “foolish”. (Proverbs 26:12)

As our children mature in godly wisdom and character, and as our parental authority transitions into a beautiful relational influence, we can rest assure that we have laid the important virtues that define God to the world through the words that we have allowed to embody our home.

Come journey with me! Let’s landscape of our home with love through our words and let’s set the tone of our day aright with God’s infusion of wisdom!

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