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Preschool Learning

I'm so glad you spare a moment to peek into our school days at home 🙂 The home is most dear to me and this is where most of our learning takes place. On days that my little man is at home, he does approximately an hour worth of learning with me, and mummy school at this stage… Continue reading Preschool Learning


Task Persistence Training

Meet my handsome preschooler 🙂 This little man is most charming in character... cute at his age... loud and cheeky at the same time... My husband and I often wonder where he gets these streaks from... One of my goals is to train my little man to focus on his task at hand and lengthen his concentration… Continue reading Task Persistence Training

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School Lunches

Creating a variety of healthy and delicious school lunches 5 days a week can be a daunting project. What can you pack every day to ensure that your children are replenished with energy to study and play that are not just sandwiches and yet are quick and easy to prepare? The task of preparing healthy school lunches is not… Continue reading School Lunches

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Training Goals for the Pre-toddler

Meet my cute little honey pie 🙂 She turned ONE just a couple of weeks ago and she is officially a pre-toddler now! This is an interesting season of life as she is no longer a baby but not quite a toddler. She has achieved so many developmental milestones in the past 1 year and will be… Continue reading Training Goals for the Pre-toddler