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School Lunches

Creating a variety of healthy and delicious school lunches 5 days a week can be a daunting project.


What can you pack every day to ensure that your children are replenished with energy to study and play that are not just sandwiches and yet are quick and easy to prepare?


The task of preparing healthy school lunches is not to be underestimated! They sustain growing bodies and learning minds in school days that span  6.5-7.5 hours including travel, and in weathers that can be pretty hot in summer and cold in winter. Since you can’t heat up the food, you need to make sure that the food stays fresh and not get mushy through the jostling around in the school bags.


I used to really hate preparing school lunches as my sandwiches would come home untouched and totally soggy and I would be worried thinking that the kids would have gone for a whole day without food!


But now with a little bit of practice, continuous learning, careful planning and a little bit of organisation, the task of preparing school lunches has become much easier, and joyful!


It’s bringing me a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that I know what the kids are consuming and that they are eating largely wholesome food. It gives me a sense of fulfilment knowing that I am fulfilling my role as the family nutritionist 🙂


I find that being prepared in this area of food organisation is reaping me a lot of benefits. I am prepared for the day, I am ready for the busy dinner times and I am free to spend my day doing other things of interest.


So what are my tips for getting school lunches organised? I don’t have all the bases covered but at the moment my formula for school lunches are:

1) Quick and easy to prepare (within 30 minutes) without leaving a huge amount of mess

2) Nutritious with a lot of vegetables and fruits

3) Protein packed into single delicious, moist bites

4) Freezable so I can prepare them in double batches for another round

5) Something that everybody in the family can eat (including the pre-toddler) so that I am not double handling the kitchen

6) Food that stay fresh in room temperature and can be eaten hot or cold without getting stale!


So I came up with a master list of all my menu for the month and all my top, fave, tried and tested thermomix recipes and I rotate them for the month so we have somewhat different recipes for the month.


This is a sample of my menu planner for anyone interested :). The fact that I have the meals planned out means that I don’t stress about knowing what to cook, and also i don’t have to shop aimlessly because i know exactly what we are having from week to week. The list keeps expanding as I keep learning and gleaning from the kitchens of other Mums,and when I come across new recipes that I love or want to try, I just simply slot that in into my weekly food planner!

Thanks for reading!


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