Task Persistence Training

Meet my handsome preschooler 🙂


This little man is most charming in character…


cute at his age…


loud and cheeky at the same time… My husband and I often wonder where he gets these streaks from…


One of my goals is to train my little man to focus on his task at hand and lengthen his concentration span. My desire is to set my preschooler up for moral, spiritual and academic success later on. There are some specific training goals I wish to work on in this life stage of my preschooler. This directly strengthens his self control, which is a precious virtue to see a child  managing and regulating his/her own emotions, behaviours, words and responses.

Self control training takes a lot of time, dedication and patient attention. We are getting better every day and are way ahead from where we started off a year ago. Gone are the days when I felt like i did not have a good control of my son, or that he has the upper hand in the home.

There are many activities throughout the day to train for self control in the life of your baby, toddler and preschooler. When you set up an orderly environment within the home, self control  begins to accumulate in their heart and shows up in their character, which is truly beautiful.

Self control training also allow all the other character virtues like gentleness, patience, love, sibling kindness to blossom along. It helps towards academic success as self control enables the child to listen attentively to instruction, to sit quietly and to follow examples. Self control gives the child the persistence to keep practicing, the inner regulation to stay in bed and not wander around, and to hold himself back even when he is angered.

Self control training also helps a child to obey authority, and to be quiet and rested in the spirit to worship and to be content and confident which all contribute towards building happy little hearts.

In our home, self control training takes place around table time, mat time, and room time. Mel Haydes, author of Terrific Toddler reminds parents to add task persistence to preschool activities everyday whereby you extend the time and level of difficulty in play for the purpose of increasing self play and focusing skill.

These geometric shapes foam boards from Imaginarium comes with different models that the child can build on and one which requires persistence on the child’s part.


Sensory tubs for room time allows for open ended play with many possibilities. Ang’s blog is truly inspirational when it comes to creating simple, exciting sensory tubs. This a dino and reptile sensory tub that I placed on his train mat in his room to create a world of his imagination.


Construction toys are always a winner as the child can create and recreate different models of their own.


Practicing cutting skills using different materials is a good hand and finger coordination exercise for the little ones. Check out my pinterest board for some printable for your preschooler 🙂


These stick-on corns are wonderful as they stack on top of each other with just a little bit of water.


Your child can make just anything with them and my boy was even busy trying to cut them into tinier pieces.


Lastly the doll house is an open imaginary play that is totally under-utilised in our home. In an open play like this where you are more facilitating rather than directing the plot, you can get into the mind of your child and teach him character, manners and how to deal with his emotions through the characters of the dolls. Great for building conversational skills too!


There are so much play ideas out there and I hope to share more as I gather them in our arsenal 🙂

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