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Preschool Learning

I’m so glad you spare a moment to peek into our school days at home 🙂


The home is most dear to me and this is where most of our learning takes place.


On days that my little man is at home, he does approximately an hour worth of learning with me, and mummy school at this stage is pretty simple.

Our hour together is categorised into: writing (letter formation), numerals and sequencing, reading (sight words and 3 letter CVC words), vocabulary and comprehension.

At other parts of his day, we do devotions, character training, chore training, music practice, outdoor sports, imaginary play, and lots of sibling and self control play.


I haven’t been able to capture all that we have been working on, but here are a few things that we do at home in keeping with his kindy work. (A big thank you to our wonderful kindy teacher Mrs J, who is always updating me with where my son is at 🙂 )


We have been practicing the alphabets using the cursive and non cursive style of writing.

Everyday we practice cursive handwriting using this laminated mat from school.


Using the alphabet play dough mat helps our young learner to have a tactile feel to his letter formation.


Practising the small letter “O” with a corresponding word.


And capital “O”…this really helps with his concentration span too 🙂


Tracing over the non cursive alphabets for both capital and small letter from Busy Hands. This is wonderful to use with play dough, glitter glue, paint brush or just a dry erase marker. I laminate all my worksheets for durability to use for successive children.


We continue with Letter O beginning sound and words that begin with the initial letter.


When his attention wanes, I get him to dig into this treasure box made of coloured rice grains to find the matching small letters to the capital letters on the box in the next picture.




When it comes to reading, we use a couple of different materials. An example here is a 3 letter CVC board that helps him to either sound the first letter matching the picture, or matching the word to the picture, or spelling the word all by himself.IMG_0008



To help my young budding reader sound and spell 3 letter words, these cards  provide fun picture clues and alphabet tiles.



And using the same treasure box now filled with alphabets…


This is a really fun way to learn for both him and me!



For numerals and learning sequencing (1-30) (and counting to 50 and beyond), we use various home made manipulatives:


(Matching the right number of paper clips according to the number on the bottle cap)


(Building the right number of blocks following the number. Template taken from Ang’s blog)
We also work through a number of activity workbooks and it is a real joy to see his understanding compounding,
 3) Reading
We have been reading various books from school, the library and our personal collection and asking lots of questions about the character, the story plot,what happens next, and some of the what ifs scenarios while getting him to read some of the easy beginner reader series on his own.
My little boy now loves learning and enjoys the time spent with me and I hope to post more as we go 🙂
The computer is taking too long to upload my many photos and my poor husband has been waiting for me for yonks!
 Thank you for reading!

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