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Table Time for Tots and Toddlers

This morning on the way to school I was listening to a leadership tape by John C Maxwell entitled "You've Gotta Have a System". I have always loved systems and I believe for a home or an organisation to function smoothly, you've gotta have a few good systems in place. When you have a rhythm in… Continue reading Table Time for Tots and Toddlers

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Table Time Activities

Training children for table time is something that I have been consciously incorporating into our daily routine in the past one year. Table time training is basically teaching your child to stay put and sit in his or her designated chair with an activity at hand to accomplish. Table play is also a wonderful time to engage… Continue reading Table Time Activities

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Tired of Housework?

Are you tired and pulled down by the drudgery of home making and motherhood? Are you about to throw in the towel as you ponder of all the years invested into educating you go as you find yourself now hiding behind piles of dirty dishes and endless laundry? Take a breather and delve into what Elisabeth… Continue reading Tired of Housework?


Animal Farm Sensory Box

Today I had the fun of watching my son create and recreate an animal farm according to his imagination. This sensory box is too simple to make! A fruit and veg box from the market, synthetic grass as base, farm animals, marbles and pebbles. A sensory box is a wonderful mat time play idea to train concentration… Continue reading Animal Farm Sensory Box

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The gift of IDENTITY

Giving our child a strong sense of identity is the most precious legacy we can leave for our children. No amount of houses, cars, money or education can replace the sense of security that peace and identity brings about in the life of a child. This morning I came across a devotional reading by Neil T… Continue reading The gift of IDENTITY

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Marked P.E.A.C.E

For a while I have been meditating on one single verse. One verse that is powerful enough to strengthen our weakened consciences and heal our wounded hearts. "All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace." (Isaiah 54:13) The Bible says that one hallmark of a family that follows Him is… Continue reading Marked P.E.A.C.E

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Words to Live By

I have been listening to different audios on my daily drive to school the past couple of months. One of my latest gems is from John C Maxwell's teachings on Leadership. Everyday I'd be learning a new leadership principle which we can apply in the home, in church or in any organisation in order to grow. And what… Continue reading Words to Live By

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Wisdom from the Aged

I recently picked up a book that I bought 6 years earlier and had shelved away since, called "The Shaping of a  Christian Family - How My Parents Nurtured My Faith". I first bought this book when I was a young mum of one and read it in a glimpse cos it didn't make too much sense… Continue reading Wisdom from the Aged

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Catechising Your Kids

This is just going to be a quick post on the topic of catechism. We have over the past one year been incorporating this as part of our family routine and we have been enjoying it. I came cross a couple of articles which I thought might be helpful to you readers, on this topic of "Catechising… Continue reading Catechising Your Kids

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The Holy Pause

Time for a Holy Pause When the world clamours for a piece of us, God demands that our interior be quiet… Were we to choose between a life of constant outpour , He teaches us the value of the inner resting… Have you heard of the One thing, The ‘better part’ , The eternally good… Continue reading The Holy Pause

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The Worship Margin

Have you ever wandered what it is that God truly desire from us? The answer is one: INTIMACY with us... Intimacy is INTO-ME-SEE. It's giving God the inroads to see all of us... But so many times we have forgotten how to be truly close to Him. We have forgotten how to enter into His presence, and how… Continue reading The Worship Margin

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The ONE Thing

Recently i was given the privilege of sharing a message I called 'The ONE Thing'... It was a tale between two sisters, Mary and Martha, and their vast differing approach to having Jesus in their home. (Luke 10:38-42). But more than a story, it was a message for you and me...and of all the things we could throw our… Continue reading The ONE Thing

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Top Priority Work

I recently came across a quote by CS Lewis that reads: “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” How profound and how true... The older I am the more intentional and prayerful I have become in my mothering role. As my understanding of this call expands, so does… Continue reading Top Priority Work

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The How-to in Planning Your Little Ones’ Days

For a while now I have been inspired by women who are masters at managing their family life, who succeed with creating system that work, and whose family are thriving in all aspects of life. When we talk about system, I realise we need system for (almost) everything! I need a good system for organising… Continue reading The How-to in Planning Your Little Ones’ Days