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The Power of A Like Minded Community

We have just completed our 20 week Growing Kids God’s Way parenting course as a church 🙂


 Our Wonderful Class Graduates

We had 7 wonderful couples and 7 beautiful volunteers who looked after our children week after week. And in a small church like ours, this is amazing display of dedication, teamwork and selfless giving by our beloved volunteers!  1454545_10152506540233737_1497211745635047763_n

Thank you so much, Volunteers! You could have spent 5 months of these Sunday avos doing so many other things, but you chose to teach and be with our cheeky children.

It was funny how we anticipated the 5 months to be long and gruesome…they actually turned out to be enjoyable…and so much fun with plentiful ‘aha’ moments…we all admit that it was actually too soon to be over…:) !

Over the course of the 5 months we have learned so much…a quick peek into the topics would remind us what we delved into… We discussed over how to raise a moral child, what are the right beginnings to strong families, chatted about each other’s touchpoints of love, learned what the father’s mandate is, looked into developing our child’s consciencetalked about respect for authority & parents, age and peers, property & nature.

We also applied the principles of obedience, mulled over how to discipline with encouragement, with correction, with consequences and punishment and how to get into the heart of our child with repentance, forgiveness and restoration. We then moved on to talking about the funnel concept and more discipline issues, the appeal process and what it takes to build a healthy family with a strong family identityour lessons ended with some powerful sharing over rejection issues, being man’s greatest fear and how to build family memorials.

My husband and I are so honoured and privileged to facilitate this wonderful group of parents. You parents, have truly blessed us with your keenness to learn, your faithful attendance, your heartfelt and honest sharing, and your weekly delicious refreshments 🙂

When you presented a love gift to us…all we wanted to do was to tell you that you have blessed us more than we have blessed you!


Thank you Parents for the lovely dinner you gave! Here is a photo of the most delicious pre dessert degustation menu!  

There is such power in being with a like minded community. An old proverb says that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and i am learning this power that lies within a group of friends, who all driven by the same values, impassioned by the same virtues, striving towards the same goal.

We are called to be cultivators of our community. In a society that either celebrates self-sufficiency, raising children in a community of close knit friendships can be one of the best legacies we give to our children.

We took your dinner invite and extended it to a special couple who have firstly invested in us with their parenting wisdom. The Pascoes are God gift to us and they started the ball rolling in changing our mindset about what fun loving, Christ centred families look like!


Thank you Ang and Andy for being wonderful friends who continually inspire our parenting to greater heights!  

So we just want to say a big thank you Class, for allowing us, to be a part of your circle of friendship. You said we were a blessing to you, but the reverse is just as true. Because of you, the landscape of our home keeps changing. We have become more organised, more prepared, more intentional, more motivated in training our children, more creative in teaching our preschoolers, more cluey in raising our babies…thank you CHG, for labouring for us in prayer, keeping our hearts strong and ferventfilling us up with heavenly hope. We love you!


3 thoughts on “The Power of A Like Minded Community

  1. Thank you for your generosity in sharing such a lovely meal with us. It has been wonderful to walk with you on your parenting journey and see you investing into the lives of so many around you.


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