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Top Priority Work

I recently came across a quote by CS Lewis that reads: “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”

How profound and how true…


The older I am the more intentional and prayerful I have become in my mothering role. As my understanding of this call expands, so does the grace and the enablement that comes with it, even on the tougher days at home.

This in fact, runs contrary to today’s modernistic thinking. Our society and the media portrays an image that children are a burden instead of a blessing, an impediment instead of a launching, an obstacle and every great barrier to the parents’ lives of “freedom”.

As I am gathering my thoughts on this, here I am sitting at the front balcony of our resort apartment in the spring of Australia, surrounded by pretty leaves falling all over my front porch and birds singing and people working, the sound of life…and having this moment alone with God to contemplate, i feel so rich…


We had gone on this family holiday to celebrate my growing older. The moments together was truly refreshing and recreational. I was given much luxury of time to read and reflect, enjoyed my family, dined out and gathered over monopoly. I realised that family times like this will not reoccur as this was a distinct period in need of savouring…



As I turn older I then prayed for a bigger heart towards this godly institute called the family…I prayed for a vision to shape my own family into what it can be, and the joy, strength and creativity to inspire others to do the same…


As I reflect, let me to take a moment to encourage your own heart that your days spent with the kids are not a waste. Every moment spent loving, correcting, nurturing… washing, cooking, cleaning… are a deposit invested towards an eternal dividendIMG_0146


When you parent with the goal of holiness, happiness will follow because holy hearts make happy hearts. Your children will be at peace with God, with themselves and with their environments. And when you see your children blossom with a radiance that comes from within, you will understand that children are indeed the top priority work, and no other job can replace its significance.




We need every wisdom from God to know what it is that we have been called to do, to be and to achieve in our lifetime. We need His power, His Spirit, His word, to shape our home and win our children to the Lord, instead of having them lost to the world. We need every encouragement to pray until His vision for our generation be fulfilled and every enablement to anoint these hands to prepare for our next generation, those sharing our house under our roof.

We need our mind sharp, our heart strong, our steps full of faith…our vision clear, our focus defined, our message stirring and our lives convincing until we tell the world that children are indeed our number 1, top priority work.


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