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The Worship Margin

Have you ever wandered what it is that God truly desire from us?

The answer is one: INTIMACY with us…

Intimacy is INTO-ME-SEE. It’s giving God the inroads to see all of us…

But so many times we have forgotten how to be truly close to Him. We have forgotten how to enter into His presence, and how to unwind and enjoy His glory. As a result, there is a barrenness over our soul which we cover up with busyness, distractions…

More often than not, we are also afraid. Afraid to enter into this closeness…

The fear of having our vulnerabilities exposed keeps us running…running from being still enough long enough to connect and be healed.

Worship is the one true antidote…


John 4:23-24 (NASB) says:

23 But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers. 24 God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth…

We are a culture obsessed with time. We all wish that there are more hours in a day. We crammed and packed our day so much until we are so rushed and busy all the time. We are time poor. We worship productivity and celebrate accomplishments. In the process, we become hostages to our own calendars.

The world is screaming: “Seize the time, Waste it not” Economy of life run on the currency of time.  But the Bible says: “an hour is coming and has now come”. God says that the time is now ripe where TRUE WORSHIPPERS will worship…God clearly has a different understanding of time. He has a new concept of the NOW.

From the pages of my devotion I read:

Fill your days with light and love and testimony. Glorify and honour My Name. Praise and delight yourself in the Lord. So shall Eternity inhabit your heart and you will deliver your soul from the bondage of time. You will experience liberation from the pressures of time, and in your own heart, you will find a new kind of rest…”

This begs the question of which plane it is we are living on? The natural or the supernatural? The static or the dynamic? There is a richer quality of time that we experience when we enter in the presence of God through authentic WORSHIP…

GOD is seeking true worshippers. Our God is on a perpetual search, for people who will worship Him truly…From generation to generation, from the old testament to the new covenant… He is on that quest…His eyes roaming around the earth looking for true worshippers who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth…You have to understand,  God is seeking worshippers, not performers, not musicians, but frail men and imperfect women who will learn to worship right.


Why is intimacy so difficult? Our biggest barrier to worship is not knowing God as our Heavenly Daddy. Real Worship must be based on a love relationship with the Father. Without love there is no real worship. Fear has driven many people to worship falsely.

God is Spirit – He does not have a body like men’s material body. Invisible to human eyes, He is not confined to one locality at a time. We worship Him in a realm where He is not limited by anything that confines us. That is how we can have the power and the strength that is unrealised of to the world around us because we are connected to a power source that is an omnipresent Spirit, unconfined and unlimited by the bounds of time and place.

He doesn’t want us to perform for Him. He wants us to commune with Him. We must learn from Martha and be careful that in our eagerness to serve Him, we don’t miss out on the real priority of knowing Him. Let’s not see His invitation as cramming another to do list into our already busy day, but let us view it as living life with a margin for the holy and being attuned to His voice daily.

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