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The ONE Thing

Recently i was given the privilege of sharing a message I called ‘The ONE Thing’…

It was a tale between two sisters, Mary and Martha, and their vast differing approach to having Jesus in their home. (Luke 10:38-42).

But more than a story, it was a message for you and me…and of all the things we could throw our lives into, and devote every iota of energy for, Jesus said there was only ONE thing of necessity, the good thing, the better part, which will never be taken away from us…

What is that One thing?

Honestly, between Mary, Martha and Me, i’ve found myself oscillating from one to another. When I was young and without a care in the world, I found myself a faithful Mary at the feet of Jesus. What else could be as precious as time spent soaking in His truth?  When I got older with kids to feed and clothe, and a home to clean and run,  I pride myself in being the self-sacrificial, highly perfectionistic, work-driven and often ambitious Martha.

But in being a Martha I had so many times, overlooked the One thing necessary…and in the guise of serving the Saviour, I had forgotten the call to sit and savour, He who should be the very reason for our busyness.

No…It’s not that Jesus condones Martha for her productivity and cherishes Mary for her idleness,

Or that Jesus prefers ‘sitting’ over ‘service’ and ‘worship’ over ‘work’…since what good would it be for one to be so heavenly minded but to be of no earthly good…

No, Jesus cares about the mouths you have to feed, the linen you have to wash and the bills you’ve gotta pay…but sometimes the many demands of our days and the endless commitments of our role entice us to develop a Saviour’s Complex…rushing around to be everyone’s hero without which the world will stop spinning and the moon will not orbit.

Jesus looked at Martha and spoke a word of love directly to her heart…”Martha, Martha, you are concerned with many things. But only ONE thing is needed and Mary has chosen the better part, which will never be taken away from her”.

Could it be that worshipping is eternal and every other thing is temporal?

Could it be that there is a way to work that results from a collision with worship?

Could it be that Jesus is calling us to take a holy pause, to reflect, to sit at His feet, to listen and gain perspectives on life from a whole completely different plane?

Could you take a moment today to make room for a holy pause?

Because it is the sacred that sanctifies the secular and the holy that enables the daily. It is our Saviour calling us to be intimate…

Look, He isn’t calling us from the Kitchen where all Martha could see was pots and pans and hungry mouths to feed, but He is calling us from the Living Room where the sound of His voice would resonate into every heart lonely and truly hungry…

Though the fear is real and the challenge is tight between time fought over work and worship, Jesus is asking us to sit, and then serve out of the overflow.

For it is out of sitting and worshipping, and not serving and working, will we be delivered from the bondage of time that keeps our heart from truly rejoicing and our feet from truly a-dancing.

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