Devotionals & Walk with God

The Holy Pause

Time for a Holy Pause

When the world clamours for a piece of us,
God demands that our interior be quiet…

Were we to choose between a life of constant outpour ,
He teaches us the value of the inner resting…

Have you heard of the One thing,
The ‘better part’ ,
The eternally good part ,
The part that never be taken away from us…

When the responsibilities of living robs our attention
And our minds drawn to the next call of duty
The Master still calls with His voice gentle yet insistent
That we sit at His feet
And worship before we work

Productive worship
Our worship colliding with our work
Our sitting launching our serving
Our faith replacing our fear

When the worries of getting things not done overwhelm,
Jesus beckons us for a holy pause
Hear the wind moving
And the leaves rustling
The soft grass underneath your feet
And touch the gentleness of that Hand
That took the nails in our place
And cup our world in His palm

When the world jeers
As we pause
When the busy keeps going
And the fast keeps moving

Jesus will lift you up on His lap
Take away your cares, sweeps away your chaos
And make us Sit and Soak and stand us to Sing and Serve

Don’t hurry
Don’t scurry
Rest and worship Him
For in Him you will find new strength

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