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Catechising Your Kids

This is just going to be a quick post on the topic of catechism. We have over the past one year been incorporating this as part of our family routine and we have been enjoying it.

I came cross a couple of articles which I thought might be helpful to you readers, on this topic of “Catechising Your Kids”. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, “catechism” is basically a series of questions and answers that pivot around the tenets of the Christian faith. It outlines the most rudimentary fundamentals on people’s relationship to God, man’s need for God, and the principles of faith. You do it by committing it to memory and teaching them to your children, for the purpose of shaping a biblical worldview in their lives. A full explanation can be found here

The first article that I would  like to share here talks about the great lengths parents spend on developing their children’s abilities and interests, but neglecting the most important responsibility in training their  children spiritually.

When it comes to building a culture of devotion, the home plays a very important role. Home training takes time, dedication and effort, but there is no place like home where you can really ground your children in the faith. In His grace, we as parents can use our home to train our children in the matters of spiritual truths and we are not to abdicate this responsibility to the school or the church.

Carving time with your family in your routine to read through the Bible and ask questions can be built as part of your circle time, nightly devotions, family read alouds, family worship, or Bible and breakfast time, but it is a habit that once established will reap eternal rewards on our young minds and lives.

A great quote – “Reading and memorising Scripture and catechisms of the church results in incredible development of children, both spiritually and intellectually. What families regard as important is evidenced by the manner in which they spend their time. Therefore, regular family worship shows the children that their parents believe that Jesus Christ is central to all of life. This practice leaves a legacy that will benefit thousands in generations to come”  (David Wegner, “A Father’s Role in Family Worship, 1998)

Catechising your kids help to establish in them a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview gives the frame upon which to build a life. Your children are equipped to express their love for God as the Bible is inscribed upon on their hearts. God’s truth becomes internalised and obedience towards God’s moral law become intrinsic, a result of a proper heart response based on understanding and submission, rather than a cold, formal legalism. Isn’t that beautiful and what we truly want as we train our children from the heart?

Remember our goal in catechising our family is not for rote memorisation but a change in the way we think. A different mindset. A strong think tank seen through the lense of the Cross. As we approach God, He changes the plane from which we understand things. Our perspectives of life change. We begin to understand what sin is, what God’s plan of salvation is, what our hope is, what eternity awaits. Leading our children to the faith mean that our behaviour and attitude would undergo a major transformation, changing our worldview as our thinking change.

Voddie Baucham JR. in his book Family Driven Faith – Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God states that biblical worldview is not our default position – it must be taught and caught – by learning what a worldview is in general and what the biblical worldview is in particular. He goes on to explain that there are 5 basic elements of a worldview:

1. VIEW OF GOD (theism v opposed to atheism)

2. VIEW OF MAN (special creation v evolution)

3. VIEW OF TRUTH (absolute v relative)

4. VIEW OF KNOWLEDGE  (scientific/general/natural/revelation v scientific/materialism/naturalism)

5. VIEW OF ETHICS (absolute v cultural)

An easier version of the Westminster shorter catechism for kids can be found here on this link. Read what Spurgeon had to say about this!

Why don’t we start this journey together tonight?

God bless!


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