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Words to Live By

I have been listening to different audios on my daily drive to school the past couple of months. One of my latest gems is from John C Maxwell‘s teachings on Leadership. Everyday I’d be learning a new leadership principle which we can apply in the home, in church or in any organisation in order to grow. And what John said is true, “a growing person is a happy person” (my paraphrase).

In this short post I just want to share some great quotes that have shaped and are continually changing the landscape of my mind. I believe that words are important and if I could hook my life upon the wisdom of some of these quotes, I’d be a truly happy person :).

Here are just some that I have found mesmerising on the aspect of parenting and motherhood. I’m sure I will post more in the time to come and they can serve as a collection for your family.

“I have long dreaded the thought of getting to the end of life and regretting that I allowed my own timidity or other people’s expectations to determine the course of my life. I decided that several of my beliefs should determine the course of my life…I believe that the Creator, has an epic script into which my minute presence has been written.” – Steve Saint

Some quotes from Elisabeth Elliot on The Shaping of a Christian Family

“The process of shaping the child, …shapes also the mother herself. Reverence for her sacred burden calls her to all that is pure and good that she may teach primarily by her own humble, daily example.” 

“Love means sacrifice. Each member of this family, in one way or another, has to learn to give in, give up and give over for the sake of the rest.”  

“My parents dedicated each of us to Him, recognizing their children not primarily as their offspring, much less as their possessions, but as souls entrusted to them to give back to God, confident of His power to guard and keep what they committed to His care”.

“Failure to carry through when something has been forbidden may not be called lying, but when a child knows he can wheedle his parents until they give in, he is being taught – “programmed” – not to trust their word. If a child asks why about something he has no business knowing and the parents fabricate a reason instead of straightforwardly telling him he does not need an answer, they are instructing him to fabricate…Truthfulness is the foundation of faith”.

“My parents did not think it a good thing to explaing all of their reasons and actions to us when we were small. It is an unnecessary waste of time, for one thing, for the reasoning rarely satisfies the child anyway, but more importantly, it makes it difficult later on for the child to accept what God says without explanation. He must learn to trust the person, to believe the word, and to let the matter rest there, even when reasons are hidden, a hard but vital lesson for the rest of his life”.

“Parents, expressing love for their children by physical warmth and tenderness, greatly contribute to their children’s later comprehension of Refuge, Strength, and Helper as attributes of God. The parent’s faith in His perfect love and perfect sovereignty lays the foundation of the home in which the child is growing up. Their object for him is happiness and fulfilment, exactly what God wants for us, according to His “hidden wisdom, his secret purpose framed from the beginning to bring us to our full glory…’Things beyond our seeing, things beyond our hearing, things beyond our imagining, all prepared by God for those who love him.” (1 Cor. 2:7,9) (Quotes taken from here)

Another great words to live by taken from Elisabeth’s book by an anonymous writer:

“There is no nobler career than that of motherhood at its best. There are no possibilities greater; and in no other sphere does failure bring more serious penalties. With what diligence then should she prepare herself for such a task? If the mechanic who is to work with “things” must study at technical school, if the doctor into whose skilled hands will be entrusted human lives, must go through medical school…how much more should the mother who is fashioning the souls of the men and women of tomorrow, learn the highest of all schools from the Master Sculptor Himself, God. To attempt this task, unprepared and untrained is tragic, and its results affect generations to come. On the other hand there is no higher height to which humanity can attain than that occupied by a converted, heaven inspired, praying mother” 

There are far too many great quotes by Elisabeth that are worth pondering upon. Check this out:

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I hope you are inspired just as I am to continue on your journey of growth!

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