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Christmas Character Cards

This post is to credit Ang for her great work in putting together an awesome set of character cards to use along her Blessing Buddies idea this Christmas. We have loved using these character discussion cards.They are great dinner conversation starters and a wonderful way to introduce virtues to the kids. Her free printable here helps pull our family's focus together, especially when we have… Continue reading Christmas Character Cards


Christmas Activity Notebooks

As part of making Christmas memorable, we compiled special Christmas notebooks that are personalised for each child this month. I had a great fun compiling and putting this together. Much of my content came from the hard work of my friend Ang, who trawled through the Internet looking for Christmas themed activity worksheets. I have… Continue reading Christmas Activity Notebooks

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The Suffering of A Housewife

I have been reading Elisabeth Elliot's "Secure in the Everlasting Arm" and found this chapter on "The Suffering of a Housewife" just too beautiful! Here is what she wrote! A young mother asked how on earth she is to learn to love the Lord, grow in grace and be truly holy in the midst of general chaos -… Continue reading The Suffering of A Housewife

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Missional Motherhood

I learn that motherhood can be missional! Yes, even though we may feel insular, we mustn't be discouraged into thinking that we are not contributing for kingdom work as we look after our own family. In "Ordinary Mum Extraordinary Mission - Sharing God's Love in Everyday Life",  co-author Joy French wrote, "The challenges...of the twin terrains of… Continue reading Missional Motherhood

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Finding Divine Purpose in A Tough Week

There comes a time when we must believe that God's presence  can flourish right here in the midst one messy living...right here under the roof of one frail, imperfect family... We must arrive at the point of wholeheartedly believing that motherhood, with all its glory and grime, is exactly where He wants us to be, exactly what He has called us to do... We must allow confidence… Continue reading Finding Divine Purpose in A Tough Week


Daily Christmas Craft Bags

Christmas is finally here and with that we have finished our last daily round of Christmas crafts. Every day in December the children receive an Advent numbered bag with an instruction and materials found within. Some of the crafts have been taken from Pinterest while others have been bought from our local Red Dot store. The… Continue reading Daily Christmas Craft Bags

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Children and Disciplining the Mind

I have enjoyed reading the book Discipline of a Godly Woman. One chapter that stood out to me was on the area of disciplining the mind. My daughter has recently turned 8.... (A Loomband Cake - her theme for the year) And I turn a little mushy thinking how she has so quickly grown right up before my eyes... This is what I… Continue reading Children and Disciplining the Mind


Motherhood is a Calling, not a Hobby

I am leaping with joy at my find of this post on and heartily agree and happily witness the fruit of living out the truth written there about motherhood. Here is a little excerpt to encourage and refresh our perspective on what it means to embrace motherhood: "Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not… Continue reading Motherhood is a Calling, not a Hobby

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Nativity Play Sensory Box

As part of our little Christmas tradition we purchased a new wooden nativity set which I placed in a box to be pulled out for sensory mat time play. I put a synthetic grass base and fill the box with foams that make for a wonderful nativity scene. When the children have finished playing and setting up the stage,… Continue reading Nativity Play Sensory Box

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How to Get Things Done with a Tot and a Preschooler in the Home

Today the school year officially closes and Mummy school officially launches 🙂 What I mean by that is two folds... Today I stood back in wonder and reflected upon all the good (and not so good) things that had taken place this year and am filled with gratitude seeing how quickly the children have grown... ...but today is also the… Continue reading How to Get Things Done with a Tot and a Preschooler in the Home

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Christmas’ Magnificat – Learning Humility

Today during circle time, which is part of our family Christmas tradition, we took our character cards to grandparents' home and read on the character quality "Humility v Pride". Our character study for the day focuses on humility - what it means to live in harmony with others, how to associate with the lowly. and how not to be wise in our own… Continue reading Christmas’ Magnificat – Learning Humility

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Savouring the Saviour – How to Prepare Your Heart for Christmas

I have been using John Piper's Daily Reading for Advent "Good News Great Joy" in preparing our family for Christmas. I really love taking the time to savour the preciousness of Christmas by developing a little tradition in our home. It is so easy to lose focus on the true meaning of Christmas with so much activities bombarding our… Continue reading Savouring the Saviour – How to Prepare Your Heart for Christmas