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How to Get Things Done with a Tot and a Preschooler in the Home

Today the school year officially closes and Mummy school officially launches 🙂

What I mean by that is two folds…

Today I stood back in wonder and reflected upon all the good (and not so good) things that had taken place this year and am filled with gratitude seeing how quickly the children have grown…

…but today is also the day when Mum takes back the official reign in directing all the learning of my children 24/7 everyday for the next 8 weeks of this school holiday 🙂

In the past I used to be really scared at the thought of being homebound all day long with messy, noisy, bored whiney kids…not to mention an endless stream of chores, but now, I actually look very much forward to the school holidays 🙂


(My son practicing his roaring power next to his sleeping baby sister!)

The holidays allow me to teach my children,  to organise their day, and to learn whatever we want to learn. There is less pressure for having to rush in and out of the door all the time.

I used to think, I could really do so well to teach my child if I only have 1 to lavish my attention to.

However the reality is that I have more than one, and I need to learn to organise my day so that every child can be attended to, and taught, yes, well taught.


The challenge for us as parents is that we might have multiple children in all different age categories who require our attention in their own unique ways. I am always reminding myself, I can only do one thing at a time. So if it is the suckling baby that needs me, or the cruising pre toddler that requires me, or the curious preschooler that demands me, I try to remember to just be at one place doing one thing at one time.

But the question of how we as mums could accomplish any substantial teaching with older ones while little ones are hanging off our feet often creeps into me…I am glad to find a resource that helps me in this area.


(Dinner time with Cutey Pie is often messy as she insists on self feeding andfinds delight in throwing her food on the floor).

A few months ago I bought an e-book called “Preschoolers and Peace”The book is a truly wonderful resource for any parents who want to do more than just kill the time and who wish to teach more than entertain.

It teaches parents how to train children to play and learn independently, provide many examples of activities that younger children can do while we teach older ones and gives many ideas of what a flexible routine look like for the whole family. It shows what a realistic merged schedule looks like, what you can realistically achieve, how to make meals simpler, and most importantly, how to pick up your own pace and relax…It is loaded with many good ideas and is an honest, encouraging and uplifting book to read.

The truth is that it is often hard to get anything done while you have young ones underfoot, and what every parent needs to learn is to relax and adapt, and to keep leaning in on God until you are able to teach from a position of grace.IMG_1232l

(My cheeky son trying on the Emma Wiggles costume for her sister! Cute but too mischievous!)

I find it immensely fulfilling to be able to teach my own children, and to impart to them not just head knowledge but also values and moral standard. Circle time for me has become one of my most looked forward part of the day as we gather together for reading, memorising and reflecting.


The ebook Preschooler and Peace also provides many resources and strategies for circle time that work for your family.

These read alouds will one day be a fond memory of a wonderful family life that will go with your children as they step into adulthood.


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