Book Review

Children and Disciplining the Mind

I have enjoyed reading the book Discipline of a Godly Woman. One chapter that stood out to me was on the area of disciplining the mind. My daughter has recently turned 8.... (A Loomband Cake - her theme for the year) And I turn a little mushy thinking how she has so quickly grown right up before my eyes... This is what I… Continue reading Children and Disciplining the Mind


Motherhood is a Calling, not a Hobby

I am leaping with joy at my find of this post on and heartily agree and happily witness the fruit of living out the truth written there about motherhood. Here is a little excerpt to encourage and refresh our perspective on what it means to embrace motherhood: "Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not… Continue reading Motherhood is a Calling, not a Hobby