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Missional Motherhood

I learn that motherhood can be missional!

Yes, even though we may feel insular, we mustn’t be discouraged into thinking that we are not contributing for kingdom work as we look after our own family.

In “Ordinary Mum Extraordinary Mission – Sharing God’s Love in Everyday Life“,  co-author Joy French wrote,

“The challenges…of the twin terrains of building our family life and pursuing our calling, are many. In the day to day graft of parenthood we may find ourselves in unfamiliar territory in all of our relationships, including our relationship with God. Our minds and bodies can feel overwhelmed, invaded by exhaustion and the never-ending-to-do lists. The challenge of working out how to bring our professional skills, our gifts and calling, and our role as a parent and a marriage partner can feel insurmountable. Even the idea that parenthood could be a part of God’s calling for your life may be a completely alien concept…”

Reconciling motherhood and mission is imperative if you wish to bloom where you are planted, if you wish to follow hard after God in all the seasons of womanhood…

What is the call of God anyway? Isn’t it to share the love of Jesus, and to make disciples while we are learning how to be a disciple?

Our domestic home life, can be the very vehicle He used to fulfil His mission in our life…

Not out there in the foreign field of tomorrows, nor back there in the church sanctuary of yesterdays, but right here, right now, in the midst of dirty dishes, piling laundry, endless demands and a household full of imperfections…

The call of God may look so different from what you firstly imagined it to be…but motherhood is still a call to serve, to sacrifice, to walk the footsteps of faith while imprinting tiny hearts…and to offer ourselves as the hands and feet of Jesus where we are right now…

When you are able to integrate those holy desires with daily duties, you can birth the God-life to those around you…

Desire calls you to examine your passion, your call, your service, your skills…but Duty may at times requests your laying low, feeding those hungry mouths and teaching those wayward hearts…

When you are able to see how His call is in fact found right where you are as a mum, you will no longer see your family as a rival to your mission, but your family is the very vehicle for His mission.

Though each of us comes with our own unique set of talents, skills, passions and experience, parenthood will challenge us. Becoming a missional mum is then not in ruminating over what our calling should be, but they must be simply reduced to having a different mindset that sees life not through tasks and agendas, but more on Jesus and relationships and on building bonds and developing characters.

The key for us is to see and believe that God is at work in our own lives today and has the power to use our family to touch others, even as we are learning and changing ourselves.

Be encouraged today that even in the seemingly mundane, our family life can be turned into a fragrant aroma of living sacrifices…

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