Christmas Activity Notebooks

As part of making Christmas memorable, we compiled special Christmas notebooks that are personalised for each child this month.


I had a great fun compiling and putting this together. Much of my content came from the hard work of my friend Ang, who trawled through the Internet looking for Christmas themed activity worksheets. I have also gleaned much from this blog here and used their stocking cover printable.

I found that my children have loved working on their personalised Christmas notebooks and preferred them over store bought ones. These books are fun, contain many Christmas messages and are customised to suit to their interest and level skills.


The contents include nativity based colouring pages with memory verses, dot to dots, math worksheets, puzzles, crosswords, word searches and free drawing activities.

These  are great for table time activities while we do our Christmas devotionals and read-alouds. I have really loved making them and they are so easy to do! There are so many good resources out there and I will put some links when I come round to it. Plus they are so easy to do and not too expensive to bind!



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