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Easter Sensory Play for the Pretoddler

This is just a super quick post on introducing my pre-toddler to new sensory play activities around the Easter theme.

While the rest of the family have been busy getting ready for Easter, Little Missy is also being trained to play on the mat contentedly with Mum’s chosen activity. We begun with an Easter Sensory Box for the older kids, but it is far too complex for Little Missy’s involvement. To help her get into the benefits of sensory play, I created another sensory box just for her and placed it next to her older sibling’s sensory box.

I put this simple activity together the night before and covered it with a lid.


When my son woke up the next morning for school, he was so excited to have the first go and was begging me if he could play with it 🙂

I created this sensory box using the following items:

– Kinetic sand as base (for the wonders of playing with kinetic sand, click here)

– Hand painted foam Easter eggs

– Mini Easter eggs beads (some inside the plastic Easter eggs)

– Plastic Easter eggs

IMG_3103 2

I also used some extra tools to let her practice scooping and pouring, moulding and making impressions on the sand as captured in the pics above.


For my little one, the excitement of getting her fingers into the sand was actually enough entertainment on its own, but to discover how to open and close the eggs, and then discovering so many mini eggs inside the plastic eggs was another great joy!


The exercise of scooping and pressing into the sand was a great fine motor practice for Missy’s little fingers. She poured the sand into the cups and the eggs, using both her hands and the scoop.


She also learned to press right into the sand and discovered the impressions that they left on the sand. The sand is a marvellous base for an almost mess-free sensory play.


Water play with these eggs is another great sensory activity for the young.



Spooning and transferring the eggs into the carton as well as cracking them and filling them with water and then matching the right colours was a great way to teach my little one the joy of sensory plays this Easter!

Thanks for reading!


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