Motherhood · Women to Women Ministry

Sweetspots of Life

I have never realised how much soul satisfaction there is in mothering, and what deep contentment runs in home making... CS Lewis said - “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” I never once understood before how one could be dizzy with delirium being home every day all day long, until… Continue reading Sweetspots of Life

Devotionals & Walk with God · Women to Women Ministry

God Will Carry Us Until the End

Have you felt overwhelmed lately? I know I had! There were days when the menial even seem too much for me, and times when I had simply run on low... One morning, when I was searching my heart for unconfessed sins in my life, God simply pointed out to me the word “faithlessness”. We can at times grow… Continue reading God Will Carry Us Until the End

Devotionals & Walk with God · Women to Women Ministry

Worthy Spiritual Goals for the Mum-Self

Combining motherhood and pursuing God oft times leaves me feeling like I'm in some sort of a daze! With that I mean... Motherhood on many days may leave my mind too scrambled and my attention too frazzled to focus on anything worthy spiritually - and I simply forgot where I was with God the last time I spoke to… Continue reading Worthy Spiritual Goals for the Mum-Self

Food & Cooking

Meal Planning Simplified

I don't know about you, but clever meal planning is a must for my sanity...  Living busy and raising robust kids, meal preps can easily slide if not given proper thought and consideration... I know that many women may feel overwhelmed at the thought of cooking every time everyday, since on average mums prepare, cook and clean approximately… Continue reading Meal Planning Simplified