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Sweetspots of Life

I have never realised how much soul satisfaction there is in mothering, and what deep contentment runs in home making…

CS Lewis said – “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”

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I never once understood before how one could be dizzy with delirium being home every day all day long, until I realise sweetspots of life come from doing what we are meant to do, walking where we are called to walk,…and this is where this heaven’s joy come rushing in…

I never quite grasped before how gladness  could be derived out of sacrifice, or strength gained out of giving or that life resurrects out of dying… but this truly happens, when you tread in your sweetspot of life.

Many times I want to silently crawl and cry seeing seeing my husband throw the trash and dry the dishes, having worked all day, simply because he is of one mind, of one goal and of one vision with me in labouring together to make this home, God’s home.

Sometimes I just stand in silence, ponder in awe, because God has made this one life truly beautiful…

Sweetspots of life…they come from realising that we are doing what we are meant to do, walking in all the different seasons of womanhood and embracing them heartily, and then throwing our restraints off and falling completely into the hands of One who’s got it all figured out.

I never understood how the equation works…but one day as I stood and stirred the pot, and did all these other things that society termed “meaningless, menial and mundane“, these words came to mind.  “As I make this home, this home is in turn making me”…into someone else with a little more character, one more aware of her own weaknesses and imperfections, but one eager to learn and improve…

Living life blossoming, pacing the sweet spot of motherhood life, making home a place of creativity and expression, allowing exuberance of innocence, listening to giggles out of the mouth of those babes…this is truly a beautiful spot of life!

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