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Savouring Christ, Celebrating Easter

We are right in the middle of celebrating this blessed Easter and Term 1 of school has officially ended 🙂


When we think of Easter we usually associate it with chocolate eggs, easter bunnies, holidays and all the other commercialisms that come with it, but Easter means so much more than that.

Developing an Easter family tradition is a way of savouring the knowledge of what Christ has done for us as a family and growing in our trust in the triumph He has purchased for us as believers.

Last Christmas I came across a wonderful book on the importance of developing family traditions. This excerpt is a must read for all parents as the discipline of nurturing family traditions will enrich your family life and imprint memorable lesson plans into the hearts of your children.

Easter is a beautiful time to take your family  to learn a little deeper what Christianity is all about and what relevance the life and death of Christ, and His purpose and mission on earth has anything to do with us individually and as a family.

These are just a handful of ways we commence on developing this tradition in our home

1) Church Easter Celebration

Our children participated in our church’s Easter egg treasure hunt and picnic, and sang at the Easter Service with all their friends.

It is so wonderful to be a part of a church I can finally call our home.

It is also so beautiful to see our children growing up and developing long term friendships with other kids and their parents at church while they are trained, discipled, equipped and mobilised to be the next generation servant leaders.




Tonight at prayer meeting, I worshipped in gratitude seeing my husband led in songs while my children drummed for him.



Church is truly about developing these precious seeds of faith in the next generation, yet not solitarily, but as a family community. It truly takes a village to raise a family, and the greater the community is, the greater will be your children’s sense of identity.

2) Easter Egg Hunt 

We had our own Easter Egg hunt and the children were invited to their grandparents’ home for another easter egg treasure hunt with their cousins and lots and lots of prizes and rewards at the end.


3) Resurrection Eggs

Though easter egg hunts are always a winner and a much loved activity, I aim to explain more on the truth behind Easter using our resurrection eggs. For those unfamiliar, resurrection eggs are simply colourful plastic Easter eggs with a symbol inside each shell that tells the Easter story. They can be commercially purchased or home made.

3) Easter Decoration 

We used these mini Easter devotional ornaments to create a simple Easter tree that accompanies our table  centrepiece while we gather around enjoying our easter spongecake.





4) Stick Figuring through the Easter Story

I am so pleased to finally join the bandwagon of other families who are stick figuring through their Bible using the Grapevine Bible curriculum. We have chosen the Resurrection topic to delve into this time, doing it weekly as a family. I will share in a different post what we enjoy about this awesome study!






Some wonderful resources I have found that came useful for our Easter reading are found on this links:

The Living Christ: A 30 Day Easter Countdown

Developing family tradition is well worth the effort and I pray that this Easter would be most meaningful to your and your little one!


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