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A Long Heart-Look at Motherhood – Part 1

This Mother’s Day just past marked the 8th year of my official title as  “MUM” 🙂



Now 8 years and 3 children, many birthdays and uncounted number of “Mum” choruses later, I too, am growing in my understanding of this special and noble role called “Mum”.




Truth be told, 9 years ago when I first conceived, I had not much clue as to what this title would entail…or how it would change my life…or affect every part of my being…and every reason for my living…like, well… my sleeping and waking ;)….


Motherhood has so much to teach me… It not only changes my occupation and alters my living style, it affects every relationship I have ever had, landscapes the way I plan, and alters my goals and personal ambition.


But mostly, being some children’s Mum has changed me, completely, radically. It has affected every fibre of my life, and impacted the most inner part of me. I feel like I am wearing a new pair of eyes, through which I see the world, through which I understand the commodity called money and time.


Motherhood has given me a new occupation, but more than a career, it has opened a life of calling to me.

I now have a better glimpse into the future because I realise what it means to make investments today.

I gained a better sense of joy, because I know that the path to life is through the trek of death, self-death.

And being a Mum has enlivened me with a new set of preoccupations, heart joy and things that keep me learning and growing, every day.

Motherhood by God’s design is larger, richer, fuller than anything I have ever understood before.


Being a woman has never been easy, let alone being a mother in our age and time. Society, media, culture and the so many wants and desires within us seem to pull us away from the place we are needed the most, the place where legacies are truly built and lives are truly influenced.


Motherhood has never been harder than in the climate that we face today – and I so long for a theology to ground me to be successful and victorious in this stage of our life calling as mothers.

And I realise that often what makes many mums including myself, stagnant, dry and brittle, from living free and living large, and growing in our role and embracing our God given call to motherhood is weariness and fear.

Motherhood is wearisome because it is as much a physical labour as it is a heart labour. Come with me as we journey together to study from God’s Word, what would make a mum living free  and large….come rest with me for a while as we allow God once again to clear these fogs and restore His vision of motherhood…

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