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#JustforTODAY – How to Slow Life Down in a Fast Paced Lane

Writing has a way to teach me to slow life down, capture truth in that moment, and seal beauty to the heart what I may forget with my mind 🙂

Learning to live a fast paced life in a slow lane is beautiful…

I am learning, to refuse to blitz through life unaware…hoping for the next big bang…living for the next big thing…dreaming for my next big gain, instead of living fully, completely, present to TODAY, to NOW.

Instead, by His grace, let me learn to find all the beautiful in the ordinary,

All the holy in the common,

All the extraordinary in the mundane…

Savoring this moment before the next one comes

Because life is precious and the gift is now…

And He is sovereign and my God is in control…(smile)

And that nothing, by any means can ever happen outside of His control, away from His knowledge and aside from His love for me

“The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me;
    Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;
    do not forsake the works of Your hands. (Psalm 138:8)”

So  Just for today…by His grace…I will #SlowLifeDown

1) I will quieten all anxious thoughts of dangers distant or near, and turn my heart towards talking to God, the One who is in complete control of my life, and my health and my death. I will overcome my propensity to fear and combat my tendency to worry with the Word of God. I will saturate my mind and fill my heart with the Word that upholds this universe and stake my life on that belief. And I will invite my children and my husband into that scared space of rest and faith

2) I will interject every fear with thanksgiving because my life is a tapestry of God’s grace, not a series of disconnected events, and that His hand is upon me to accomplish all His good purpose concerning me

3) I will slow down and savour my life deeply and richly. I refuse to be on a perpetual run and known by others for what I do rather than who I am. I choose instead to soak in His presence and dwell deeply and restfully in prayer. I will turn every corner in my home to be a prayer closet and turn all my heart murmurs into quiet praise

4) I will defeat every mountain of stress with gratitude and look at my home vocation as a call to change, shape and sculpt the future shakers and movers of this world

5) I will focus on all things true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy and positive. I will not look into BBC to fill my heart with worries or to Facebook to fill my quota for connections, but I will take the time to memorise the Scripture until they are bone-deep.

6)  I will exemplify to my children that He is in control of all things big and small in our family and that the home is a safe haven where peace and joy abound

7) I will make a concerted effort to laugh with my husband and my children and I will create a culture of radiant joy in my home, not manufacturing happiness out of self gratification, but internally abiding in the Giver of true joy who alone can make barren hearts forever leap

Let’s #SlowLifeDown – inspiration from Ann Voskamp

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