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Blogging for the Audience of One

My mind often swirls with thoughts and my heart races to write... yet I struggle... I halt creative ideas longing to be penned...thoughts begging to be put into words...moments pleading to be captured into memories...and emotions,...asking to meet the Word so feelings can be birthed into living... Writing is hard... Because anything that requires a bit of us to give away… Continue reading Blogging for the Audience of One

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Teaching Children HOPE

As our family reflected on the months gone past, one major theme keeps coming up, the theme of HOPE. When we see many heart-breaking tragedies in the world we live in, it is easy to feel all grim and fearful about the future. Yet on the waters of our sorrow, God commands us not to be anxious, but to let… Continue reading Teaching Children HOPE

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When Having Children Changes You

I have no idea how rapidly time's elapsed, or how children seem to grow in a blink,  but I turned around this morning and saw three wide-smiling faces from the back of the car, chatting away as if they were the best of friends, eating crumbs off their fingers with the least of care in the world ...and… Continue reading When Having Children Changes You