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Teaching Children HOPE

As our family reflected on the months gone past, one major theme keeps coming up, the theme of HOPE.

When we see many heart-breaking tragedies in the world we live in, it is easy to feel all grim and fearful about the future. Yet on the waters of our sorrow, God commands us not to be anxious, but to let our hope arise, for He is our burden bearer.

In the light of our calamities, Christ offers an anchor for our soul, the source of eternal hope, that death and suffering can never take away.

So we have begun introducing our children to the HOPE that we believers have through the introduction of our HOPE meal time cards.

The Christian hope in the face of calamities is contingent upon our understanding of how a good God could allow suffering.

Although the answers are vast, to simplify our learning as a family, I have broken down the topic of HOPE to a few basic facets.

1) The Assurance of Heaven

2) The Assurance of Eternal Life

3) The Blessedness of Death

4) Faith and not Fear

5) The Power of the Resurrection Life

6) God in Our Fiery Furnace

It is important to bear in mind that none of us is immune to pain, sickness or death, but our family can know that Christ’s resurrection has defeated the sting of death and removes its fear forever.

Teaching kids on the hope of eternity has many benefits. Personally, I have begun to look forward to meal times so much more. I work towards improving our family meal time, making it the most important time of our day. I organise ourselves so that the meals are prepared and enjoyed as we chew on important spiritual truths. I have suddenly realised how I am a lot more positive and hopeful as I am storing up these precious truths in my own heart as we teach the kids.

Teaching HOPE also gears your family to be eternity minded and to place the right value not on temporal but eternal things. It allows us to talk about death openly, not to fear the unavoidable, but to constantly learn to place our hope in God alone, rather than this world.

Let’s fill our days with the hope that Christ alone gives!

Hebrews 7:25
25 Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost[a] those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.

This is the lyrics of a song that my husband wrote as I put this lesson on hope together 🙂 

What hope does one have in a world full of darkness…tragedies…wars…sieges…pain?
Losses numb you, as we try to make sense
Clinging to a life that’s fading away
Until the news hit home, another tragedy,
every time bringing grief closer to the heart.
But the wounds are still there, from yesterday’s pain,
we will never be the same,

Hope arises as new year awaits…
We look to the cross it’s not too late
Though the sky may fall
There’s a morning star who never fails

Hope arises though the hurt and pain,
The light of life defeated the grave
To see my God face to face
Hope arises.


Cos Life, is all above grace,
every moment we have is no mistake,
He gives us breath, he gives us life
And all I need is in His face

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