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Twilight Grace in Impossible Places

Dear You,

Really, it’s You, and Me, and Us…and the whole company of us all here, 

who feel a little like losers…like we’ve made the biggest blunders today…and regret over the failure of not parenting right…who flounder our way through our day – emotional – and days feeling far from perfect…

You – and I – and us, who hold self hostage with guilt over mistakes made and words spoken, and promises broken and dreams unmade…

But you know what? God will redeem us – truly, He will.






Ever felt like that before?

Like there’s not enough of you to go around – like there’s not enough hope and faith and love for you to get through another day- and that you are not really there, even though you are there- like you are about to lose your mind – but that you need to keep going – and you need to keep at it – because when you keep ploughing through the hard days – and you keep doing what you know is right, that you become what truly is right.

Remember how you’ve had grandiose dreams in your teens of becoming a world changer, a history maker? And how you’d leave a lasting legacy, of saving souls, and solving the world’s crisis by the time you are now…?

But…who right today, can’t even find the right matching pair of socks – or the strength to do the basic, who can’t even put baby to sleep, get children to eat, tackle the laundry monster, or muster enough energy to coach kids with homework? You and I and us – instead of profusing with gratitude, we bark out orders  – and on days like these we wonder, how would we live this one life really well – when there’s this abyss of where you are with where you feel you ought to be with…and as the night sets in, and the darkness deepens, and age catches up on us, we feel out of time and space for making a mark and leaving a legacy…and you wonder – how would our soul ever find the grace to thrive in these impossible places?

You – who cry silent tears over world catastrophes and carry the burdens of unspoken prayers, who limp in desert souls, and emptied yourself out in wastelands of life, listen:

“Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? I will make a ·road in the desert and rivers in the dry land” (Isaiah 43:19)

What we need to remember is that Christ the Saviour is just about to break in and turn our deserts into rivers of life, and the wilderness into springs so that we too can thrive in these hard and impossible places…

So after one of “those days” – sick children?, exhausted self?, flat battery?, missed swimming lessons?, face lesions?, lingering colds?, sleep battles?, straying teenagers?, floundering health?, unsold homes?, disappointing spouse?, stressful work? – I read Genesis 42 to children.

They stopped me short at verse 24 – “..and Joseph wept” – and asked me what those tears meant…and what all those goblets of emotions contained…

And I had but one word for them – that those emotion let out, those shedding of tears, that weeping out loud – just about contain all the one consuming decision for Joseph to love or to hate…

And his was the decision to forgive, his was the story to restore…






And with that one act alone – he changed hearts, reconciled hurts, saved his race and marked our world…OUR LIVES now – we are forever changed, and saved – by his tears of forgiveness.

Joseph left his legacy, became a history maker and a world changer  – through overcoming hate, anger, and bitterness, and instead choosing to fall into the arms of love… 

And when circumstances impede us, and disabilities stifle us, and the world rejects us, and our own clever selves are failing and flailing…we can choose to wallow in the well of bitterness looking at the heartless faces of brothers turned against us… OR, we can dance in God’s twilight grace and learn the way of the conscience redeemed, rejoicing in the fact that no walls, no towering wells, no imprisoning prisons can make us feel trapped, left behind or neglected…

“You with conscience redeemed will trace the handprints of God in every situation, and in turn, redeems the people and circumstances around you”

When Joseph allowed God to bring the light in, Joseph reconciled himself to see where he ought to be with where he found life to be – abandoned wells, forsaken prisons, towering walls, utter empty darkness, and lonely deserts – and he kept going “you thought evil against me; but God meant it for good”  and this chant, through his salty tears and silent prayers – would one day be his life saving, forgiveness giving, redemption power that marked our history.

So again – you, and i, and us – who ever felt like we’ve blown up bad, and that we are forever failing – who see no logic as to how things can change – remember that the same God who redeems Joseph wants to transform our wastelands into fruitful vines

So let’s not be distressed, let’s not be angry,  we with conscience redeemed, have 10000 reasons to sing.

“God sent me before you, to preserve many alive…” so with the same spirit, you and I and us all – defy our circumstances and train our eyes to see the hand of God through the rough terrain of our lives – and shoulder to shoulder – we stand over the desert of our dry bones and breathe these words: “In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.”

Not in our strength, but His – this God who keeps our fires burning turns our droughts into springs, and in Him we trust – He will redeem our conscience and make us overcomers – and in this hard and impossible places, we find His grace to thrive.

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