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How to Travel LIGHT

So sometimes, you feel like you’re just not cut out for the job… Days when the blessings abound but your heart’s too small to praise? Times when it’s easier to gravitate towards what you don't have rather than see what you do have? We need a baptism of seeing. Don’t tell me how I know,… Continue reading How to Travel LIGHT

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The Dance of Trust

So here we are --- rounding up the first full term of school, finishing up the first quarter of a brand new year, gearing up for the joyful time away ahead, and Kathy Troccoli—- she’s singing this song, beckoning me to pause and praise, inviting me to stop and drink, comforting me to trust and rest. I want… Continue reading The Dance of Trust

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Are You Looking for the Living among the Dead?

When Easter rolls in and my husband preached that Sunday morning a message on "Why do you seek the Living among the dead?", I sat straight up and listened hard and fought to take every word in. I wanted Easter to be all over me - a heart reality  - a personal experience - a speaking voice, and not… Continue reading Are You Looking for the Living among the Dead?