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Jesus said if you’re faithful with a “little”, then you will be faithful with a lot.

Being trustworthy with money in God’s eyes is the “little” thing. Money is like a test, and if you can pass it, then you get to be in charge of more important things.

Unfortunately many Christians think that being faithful with a “lot” means being faithful with lots of money. Although that could be partly true (God may ask you to steward more money), I think Jesus’ point is that if you can’t even be trusted with money, how can you be trusted with the souls of man?

It’s like if you were asked by a stranger to cash in a $10 000 but you forgot and then the cash got stolen, do you think that the stranger would let you look after their precious 2 year old daughter? (the answer is no in case you’re wondering) The daughter is more precious than the money, so you didn’t pass the test. It is also unlikely that that stranger would ask you to cash another cheque for them again.

God therefore, is like the man who gives you cash to bank in. We then have the job of making sure the cash arrives safely at the bank. Unfortunately we often spend the money on the way and have too little to bank in, or forget the entire mission altogether! I’m not saying that every dollar needs to be given to the church, but every dollar must be accounted for in a way that glorifies God because that’s what the money was for in the first place.

Faithful with little, means that if you’re claiming overtime, you don’t cheat on 5 minutes. If you are claiming tax rebates, you don’t say used it 50 percent of the time for work when you actually used it 5%.

If you’re wondering why God hasn’t used you to touch anyone’s lives, it may be because you haven’t been a good steward with the small stuff.

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