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Making disciples

Post by The Husband

The great commission is to “make disciples of all nations”. (Matthew 28:19)

Perhaps one of the problems with many evangelistic efforts by the church of Christ is that we are asking people to make, but have not actually ensured that they ARE disciples first.

Like produces like. If you’re not a prayerful, Godly person, and you go ahead and “disciple” someone, what do you think will happen? Are you expecting that the person you are “discipling” to become prayerful and Godly?

A worldy person can only teach someone else to become worldly. A lazy christian will at best encourage someone else to be lazy.

The second issue is that in “making”, Jesus meant to show by example (as opposed to creating with your hands). Jesus discipled his disciples by example.

Again, what is the point of telling someone to come to prayer meeting,, if you are not a prayerful person? Or telling a new convert to read the bible, when you do not love the word of God?

The man who loves the word and is prayerful will, by his example as well as his word, encourage others to do likewise.

We must therefore be Christians who are worth imitating. Just like parents who role model how to say thank you by actually saying thank you to others, only disciplees can be disciplers.

The Husband (Post originally found here)

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