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The Way to Greater Ministry

Seeing this devotional note popped up in my inbox this morning, I know that there are certain nuggets of truth in what my husband was reflecting this morning in his little quiet moment before work…and I pray, alongside him, that you and I will see the joy of self denial, see the power that comes with the crush of self, and learn the power of reigning in life with HIm as we overcome. 

Post by the Husband

Who would have thought that the Spirit of God would send Jesus Christ to the wilderness before his ministry began…You would have thought that preparing for ministry should be a time of resting up, eating well and surrounding yourself with loving people 😉

Instead, Jesus is sent to fast in the wilderness to face his enemy. In the process, he conquers flesh, and demonstrates His superiority over Satan and the environment. This occurs before any ministry was performed at all.

Perhaps as we get ready for the next season of life, and the call to do more ministry, we should also follow Jesus’ example.

Perhaps Jesus is showing that the spiritual warfare, and the crushing of the flesh, needs to occur BEFORE anything else happens. Before the first miracle, before the first conversion, before the first disciple joins us, before the persecution.

If we enter into ministry without having overcome the flesh and Satanic temptations, and we try to overcome them in the midst of ministry having not prepared, then we are more likely to be overcome ourselves.

This is my prayer today: “Father, like Jesus, help me enter into a wilderness, fast, and defeat Satan and his temptations as you prepare me for the next phase of life.”

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