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When it’s alright to say good things about your family

It’s in our blood…to be embarrassed about blowing our own horns’ (or our children’s) in public…so we tend to underplay it, and dismiss the good, …but hey, we aren’t called to blow our own trumpets, we are simply called to declare the love and pleasure that we have towards our own family in front of others, rather than the negative, or the wrongs… because when we do that, we mimic the love our Heavenly Father has towards His Son, and we confess all the good, and focus on all the right things, He has allowed us to have in this one life we possess…*thank you, Husband*

Post by the Husband

The Father of Jesus – God himself, demonstrated his love for His son, and his pleasure with Him, publicly, for all to hear and see. 

How much do we, as Christians, need to hear those words – “You are my beloved son/daughter, with you I am well pleased.”

So many of us have this feeling that God is not pleased with us. Indeed if we have unconfessed sin and unrepentant hearts, then He is not pleased with aspects of our lives, but if we have surrendered our lives to Him and are repentant – then He promises to wash our sins away. We are promised righteousness and can stand without shame or fear in His Presence.

Through the cross, we can also please the Lord. We can also be beloved by Him and have the voice of Heaven declare – “with you I am pleased”.

If the Father in heaven would display public affection for His son, how much more must we as earthly fathers affirm our children and our wives publicly.

I have to be honest, sometimes in front of other parents, I want to sound “modest” – and it feels that if we affirm our children in front of others then we are “boasting”.

Here when the Father says my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased – He tells the whole world, and it is written for all time. He says, I’m proud of you son, you are pleasing in my sight, and I love you. 

When we as fathers speak to the world our love for our family, we show them the love of the Heavenly Father. We are supposed to be showing the world the “image of God”, and this is one simple thing we can do that exalts the Him in our society. 

Prayer: “Oh Father, help me to demonstrate your unashamed love to my wife and children – even in public – that I would affirm them with what I already know to be true in my heart. I love them, and I am well pleased with them, just as you love me and are well pleased with me. Thank you for the cross that allows this sort of love and acceptance within my family so that we can shine the love of Jesus to the world.”

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