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…how to stay strong when you’re caught in a war

…when you feel the heat’s on and situation’s tense and that you’re somehow caught in a war – whatever the ‘war’ might be — hold on; don’t give up!, because God has the greater plan for your life. God is the Master Specialist who can use any and every circumstance to teach us how to war …and how to do it properly, and how to win out of it — a devotional thought from the Husband’s time with God for any one of us who feel like we’re caught in a war and we need the Lord to win. 

Judges 3:2

“It was only in order that the generations of the people of Israel might know war, to teach war to those who had not known it before.”

There’s nothing random in God’s sovereign plan. Israel defeated many of her enemies, but the Lord allowed there to be some enemies left over so that He could “teach war”.


Although the enemies left could have been partly as a result of the Israelites’ lack of obedience, it was allowed by God as He had the greater plan. In the same way, although we may have some weaknesses/unresolved conflicts in our lives – and although those things may partly be our faults – God actually has a plan even for those “left over” enemies in our lives.

God wanted to “teach war” to those generations that had never fought. Perhaps He knew that people who have never fought for anything will lack something in their faith and attitudes. Perhaps He knew that that they would be complacent and entitled. Without the presence of the enemies, they would not need to trust in the Lord as much for deliverance. They would become independent of the Lord, and proud.


How often do we struggle with success? We think we did it. We forget that it was God who brought us there. He’s the one that gave us the brain to solve that problem. He’s the one that gave us a mouth to speak, hands to do things and the legs to walk. We have never brought any success into our lives without the help of our Lord whether implicitly or explicitly. 

Or God may allow some unresolved issues to be present in our lives. Whether it’s a personal weakness, like our struggles with bad tempers, perpetual conflict in the families or  financial problems,  whatever the issue, God has a plan for that. He wants to “teach war” to us. 


The sort of war that the Israelites would win would go like this. Israel sees that the enemy is too strong for them. They call out for deliverance. The Lord installs a deliverer (like David, Joshua, or Moses), and God wins the war for them. Then Israel turns their hearts to the Lord.

For Christians today, when we see an enemy we can’t overcome, we turn to the Lord and call for deliverance. The Lord has already sent THE deliverer – Jesus Christ. His Spirit helps us in our weakness, and our hearts are turned to the Lord.


So let’s pray: “Oh Lord, I turn my heart to you. There are things in my life I cannot fix on my own. I need You. I know You have allowed these things to be in my life – so I cry out to you for deliverance. I trust in You Lord!”


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