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How to learn to love, work & live with yourself

Dear You,

You’re significant.

One of a kind, and very very special.

You’ve got a calling, and you’ve got to keep working that one out.

Though it takes some time. Though it stretches you. And challenges you.

Even when it looks like the world’s forgotten about you. And your friends are prospering while you are withering.

I know it’s hard to believe. After all those failures. When you’ve beaten yourself up real bad. And those internal torments.

But you’ve just got to keep on walking.

You’ve just got to keep on looking for the Light.

And I know that sometimes, the hardest bit about a day? , maybe in learning to love, and live with, your very self.

Limp all you want, but you must keep on hobbling.

Tell all things wrong about yourself, convince that you’re a nobody, but you must keep on fighting.






Yeah, I hear you — You see that face in the mirror, and know that you’re fighting your own biggest enemy.

He’s staring back at you, breathing down your neck, whispering what you’re not and what you’ll never be. Hissing away those broken dreams of what you think you’re meant to do.

But you must fight. Fend off the belief that’s crept up on you that you just haven’t got it. That life will roll, but you’ll never grow.

You’ve got a place in life – and that’s nothing to do with your credentials, so let’s just dismiss the lie altogether.

You’re made for His greatness. You’re made to complete His purpose in life. And you’ve gotta hang on to this: that He who began a good work in you will complete it fully. 

He’s got you, Friend. You’ve been remade, renewed, reconfigured – in the image of who He is. And you can hang on to that. Because the face that’s looking back at you and the eyes that look you down in the alley, and the half-smirk that sneers your little victories away – these are only reminding you of your need for Him.

Because your limping is only meant to remind you: that the greatest walks on earth are those done on calloused knees. And the biggest battles of life are those won in secrecy.

You may fail today, but you are not quite yet done. 

Look into His face and refuse to be killed. He’s your greatest good.

Listen to His voice and reject every condemnation. He is your deepest comfort.

Lavish your soul on His smile, and slay every disappointment. On His wings, you can mount.

Because in every pitfall, there’s provision for Grace. And grace will lead you home. In every marred past, there’s redemption. And freedom will sustain your light. With every infirmity, there’s a treasure to release. And the power to redeem you — right out of your pit.

“But God…” is alive in ‘You’.

The very ‘You’ – with all your warts and all. The wonderful, intricate ‘You’.

“But God” – who knows what you’re like, and what you’re made of, and what you’re capable of — hasn’t let you go.

“But God” – who defends and saves you, when the world dismisses you, is transforming ‘You’ right here and now.

And when He touches you right where it’s sore – His own wound will heal you there.

And loses you.

And transport you out of your own darkness into His light.

So that you can tread confidently as you discover your lot and calling in life.  And be satisfied with just that, without trying to emulate or imitate others.

Because when your being overcome your doing, the world will notice your affection more than your presence, they will be touched by your character more than your charisma.






So go look into the mirror again.

Stare at yourself real hard.

Look into those eyes and see.

How you can transform in Him. Transform right before your eyes, transform right before the world. Transform right into the day.

How you’ve really been loosed from the heavy guilt of what you’re not. Peel away those weariness with a sense of newness – accepting what the Word Mirror‘s telling you now.

So go on, Special You, walk your day and tell the world that there’s a new rite and rhythm to healing today.

Stare back at your aggressors and tell them aloud – how you’re forever freed, and how you’re plain soaring into the Light.

So we pray, 

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