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when you’re a little bit worn out with what’s happening in the world

So when the night’s finally fallen, and the last kid’s been tucked into bed, and the dishes all nicely stacked, and every last crumb wiped off the counter clean — the Husband and I climbed into our bed, and rolled off every care, and there wasn’t a single whisper.

I know, there’s been a lot of noise…

Yeah, the debate‘s caused a lot of tension too, and much internal uproar.

I tossed and turned – and somehow knew.

That though it’s messy out there, we could keep soaring on high and strong, just because:

We have precisely been born  for such a time as this.

Born into a day like this so that we can pray through the limp of our land. 





I know, they’re calling you...

Those endless distractions, those important duties …the babies on the hip, the kids with the homework, the deadlines you’re being chased for, and the deal you so want to close.

I stumbled my way over the piles of books. Mumbled to self about how I could hardly get enough time to do all the things I want to do.

While my friend is facing cancer with a brave smile and an emboldened heart.

And she still needs to get up the next day to cook and clean and feed those hungry tummies.

Oh how I so want to get this right — that  when life wears you out and tears you thin, you can step off the rocky road and find strength, gather His perspectives and pick up life’s momentum.

His calling enables you to make it through the peaks and the valleys.

And yeah, we can make history as we pray.





I went through my to-do list. Pored over my priorities. Do they prevent me or propel me to live out a life of my calling? 

Am I just going through the motions or am I making moments through the motions? 

And into the night I reached across for the screen. Stumbled for words to put on ink.

I  know that sometimes you too might wonder into the night, you too might question whether you’ve got the strength when the noise out there seems to deafen your hearing.

I wish I could reach over to you. And remind us both this:

That even though the the day’s drawn to a close, and duties still mount up high, and the debate wears you out…

That we can pray through the clutter and break the worries.





That no matter what happened, no matter where you are, He has a destiny for you and me, so we can rest a bit on that tonight.

That we’ve been called to pray through the hard and make meaning out of media’s mess.

But just before we say goodnight – I just want to let you know,

That your calling isn’t just about the greatness of your work – but your faithfulness to Him that calls.

That it’s only when you’re weary from trying to unlock the meaning of life will you understand the reason for your life.

That life isn’t a production show and let’s not confuse identity with achievement.

A life of calling entails dying a kind of death.

A life of purpose calls for the sacrifice of our one breath.

So remember friend, no time’s ever wasted when it’s spent daily with Him.

That days of craze are meant to have us praying for largeness. Moments of failures causing us to beg sincere for rain on parched lands.

That He has made us for a purpose, for such a time as this.

So we can stand strong today even when the world seems rocky.

The Word an ember burning bright into the night.

His presence bringing peaceful melodies into a world that needs the holy hush.

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