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how this thing about packing your family & going can be the first step towards being a family on a mission




…so every once in a while he’d ask me to pack us up and go.

Go somewhere different, go somewhere further, go somewhere harder.

Go to give, go to share, go where He goes.

These recent few years – it’s been a bit of the norm, how he’d turn around and ask: “You’re coming with me?”

Going so we can serve, going so we can bless – just as we’ve been blessed.

He didn’t know how inadequacy could at times seep in.

Can a family with a preschooler still clinging like a koala on the hip really give?

Or somebody so prone to anger over a misbehaving child be qualified to share?

Or a mama who wobbles really fly?

For a family who limps  over lego sprawled across the floor and who barely survive the burning of pots and pans can they have hearts big enough to give – cease living for themselves, so that the Giver can live through them?









Or maybe precisely because of that? Maybe that’s why we need it to make our priority to give – warts and all – so that it’s etched deep in the hearts that it’s not about us, but about Him changing us?

Yeah, we’re learning this slowly – this act of defying gravity.

This thing about soaring higher and breaking momentum. This thing about living to give, serving to build, because who knows, our simple act of giving may very well outlast a life centred on just — us?  

Make it a bit of a family sabbath – ministering and being ministered. Vacationing along the way. Making memories. Strengthening frames that have been fractured, nurturing bonds that are frayed and frazzled.

This is what we learn: when we break the confines of our own four walls, and leave the zone called “comfort”, we can really fly with perfect ease. We really can start a new momentum going – we really can give out of the broken us.

So, for those time he asks me, I’d turn around and respond back: “Yes…yes…let’s!”

Yes – even to surviving a toddler’s attack on the plane.

Yes – to God working in us and through us.


Yes! – to learning to #livebeyondthenatural 


Yes – to worshipping so deep that till every wall crumbles. And Yes – to being a family on a mission!


A song written by the Husband a couple of years back: Can a Mama Really Fly?  But really, it’s not just for any Mama – it’s for every one of us who at times, really feel a bit impeded, a little limited. (A bit embarrassing how raw this one really is – but hope you’re blessed to take wings and fly anyway!)

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