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how to link the dot between where you are & where you want to be

I snoozed the buzzing alarm, and slowly pulled myself from blanket’s thick warmth.

It was one morning of a hurricane.

I hurried through getting food on the table and into the lunch boxes. Rushed the children up their bed, out the door and into the car.

All rushing leads to nothing, and rest always comes to the still.

I jumped right into the driver seat. “Can’t be late today”, I muttered to self, quickly glancing at myself in the mirror, sighing:  “When will i ever exit the house like I’ve got it together?”

That night at a dinner, I sat in front of a lady who animatedly told me about her exciting life. Career, children, and commitments – she said she was glad she was doing it all. I looked down the floor avoiding her eyes. The voice inside of me questioning why I can’t ever seem to get my act together like she does.

Every iota of peace was about punched out of my heart.

I drove back into my towering laundry and my piling dishes, couldn’t help but wondered if God had forgotten me indeed, if life had actually bypassed me.








Half a decade ago, there was nothing I wanted more than to see this one thing nailed.

To see myself tame the beast of the “not-have-enough”, to kill its slow song of “you’ve not-got-it-altogether-enough, girl” .

And on and on and on, the voice of the enemy mentally prosecuting every line I heard.

Pummelled every sense of peace.

The voice of the prosecutor chides and jabs right in with lies about yourself, your life, and your people.

It’s desire is to smoulder us with one venomous lie: that life’s a blackhole, and you don’t have what it takes to crawl your way out of it.

It’s easy to distort reality when the mind’s unregenerate.

You know the way he roars: “That business deal that just went sour? Maybe you’re just not cut out for it”. “That impossible relationship with your in-law? You’d soon turn out an out-law, no worries”. “This whole mothering thing? Good for you that everyone’s still alive”.

I murmured the verse I’d just read. ” If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”  

If it’s true that we could ask for His whatever, what is it that we really want, anyway? 

Are we looking for the magic pill that will make all of life work? Or are we hoping to crack the code of success – and live out the image of the super mum?

How do we find the delicate balance between life and self, work and kids, ministry and marriage – and still find sanity and a sense of wholeness when we feel pulled towards a.

Could fulfilling your highest destiny simply be a matter of finding His calling?

Could we once and for all overcome the confusion, the dilemma and the disillusionment of what we thought life is supposed to be, what we are supposed to do?

Imagine a life of confidence to know that you’re exactly in the right place of life. That motherhood was part of God’s high calling, that He has a bigger plan for our life even when we seem to be doing the same monotonous thing everyday.

I wanted a sense of His presence.

I want to meet His truth in the trivia, feels His love magnitude in the mundane, and live showered with His favour even when nothing’s favourable.

I wanted to confidently ask and open handedly receive.

And I find that it is always possible to find the will of God. And in that place, find your peace and call in life.


All of life’s experiences are meant to prepare us for His call for our life.

The Master Designer skilfully preparing and placing each and every one of us in the place where He knows we will truly thrive, fully blossom and overwhelmingly produce.

Will we submit?

His will is not difficult, His yoke is light. And His call for our lives will fit perfectly with our personality and personhood.

He can station us where He knows we will minister most effectively and impact souls most eternally.

Don’t lose heart, Friend.

What is He preparing you and training you to be today?

Develop instead your contentment. Today and in the every day, and serve where He’s placed you – in the classroom, in the courtyard, or in the carpark. Yours is a high calling, yours is a noble cause.

You don’t have to fear missing out. 

He has placed you where you’re meant to be. 


Freedom can be found in unlikely places,  and not in the perfect set of circumstances.

Freedom is a Person – and where He is there is joy.

 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

So we pray, Lord – please build an inner depth in us, so we can broaden wide and truly spread our wings.


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